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New machine makes customised packaging for online orders

Date: 23/07/2018

Author: Sandra Martinsson, Communications Manager, JYSK Sverige

Category: Compliance and Quality , E-Business , Logistics

Veronica and Dave jobbar med Packsizemaskinen
Veronica and Dave works with the packsize machine in Nässjö

Since May, JYSK has been making customised packaging for online orders. Minimising air in the packages helps make transport both safer and more environmentally friendly.

"The biggest benefit is that you get a cardboard box that is in the perfect size to pack the goods without having to think so much," says Veronica Azefack, who works with Dave Nilsson at JYSK’s distribution centre in Nässjö, Sweden.

Three new machines at JYSK’s distribution centres in Uldum in Denmark, Radomsko in Poland and Nässjö in Sweden have improved the setup for shipping products to customers who order online.

Tailored to products

In 2017, JYSK launched a project to optimise transport of smaller items purchased online. The solution was a machine from the company Packsize, which makes packages tailored to fit the products.

Pernille G Havdrup
Pernille G. Havndrup

"By ensuring that the packaging does not contain unnecessary air we can fit more goods in each transport and therefore reduce the environmental impact. Other gains are that the goods are more protected in this new custom-made packaging, which prevents damage during transport and ensures quality,” says Pernille G. Havndrup, project leader and Supply Chain Optimization Coordinator at JYSK.

The Packsize machine was first introduced in Uldum, and at the end of March 2017, the first JYSK products were packed in a box produced by the new machine. 

“Different solutions, in terms of layout and efficiency, were tested during a test period. By the end of August, the test period had shown such good results that we decided to continue the cooperation with Packsize, and that we would roll out the machine in our distribution centres in Radomsko and Nässjö," says Pernille.

Several benefits

One year after the first customised JYSK cardboard box saw the light of day in Uldum, the machine was installed in Radomsko and a couple of months later in Nässjö.

"Now we have a uniform look on all packages sent from JYSK. In addition, productivity of the packaging has increased,” says Pernille.

Veronica and Dave, who work with operating the machine in Nässjö, both agree.  

“Before, the box had to be adapted to the product by cutting off the edges and filling it with bubble plastic, so that the goods would fit in the box. With the new machine, you only measure the item or goods to be packed, and then the machine will produce a box of the right size”, says Dave.

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