New JYSK stores this month

Date: 02/10/2017

Author: Laura Sulbæk, Communications & Sponsorship Consultant

Category: Expansion

New stores october

Every month many new JYSK stores open the doors to customers around the world. Here you can get an overview of where and when JYSK stores will open this month. 

Expansion has been a main part of the DNA in JYSK ever since JYSK owner Lars Larsen opened the first store in Denmark in the city of Aarhus in 1979.

Since then the number of stores has grown from one to more than 2500 in 48 countries around the world providing customers with a great Scandinavian offer within sleeping and living.

Here you can get an overview of where JYSK Nordic will open new stores this month.

New jysk nordic stores
- October 2017

Plovdiv, Karshiaka, October 19th 

Rakovica Beograd, October 19th

Kaakkuri Oulu, October 19th

Yambol, October 26th

Czech Republic
Horní Měcholupy, Praha, October 26th

Kisvárda, October 26th

Vinterbro, October 26th

Sebes, October 26th

Našice, October 26th


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