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New JYSK store in just three weeks: “It has been a crazy time”

New JYSK store in just three weeks: “It has been a crazy time"

Date: 28/07/2020

Author: Mikkel Barkler, Communications & PR

Category: People

After her store burned, Store Manager Sine and her colleagues from Ringsted, Denmark, built a new temporary JYSK store in an old mechanics garage. All it took them was three weeks and a lot of corporate spirit. 

JYSK Ringsted
Store Manager Sine Starup Petersen can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Normally, when JYSK stores pop up across the world, a great deal of time is spent in the process from idea to a finished store. But for Sine and her colleagues in Ringsted, Denmark, three weeks is enough.   

“It is so wild that we are actually doing this,” says Sine Starup Petersen and adds: 

“Three weeks ago this was an old mechanics garage that had little potential of ever becoming a store, but now we are almost ready to welcome our customers again,” says Sine when was in Ringsted prior to the store opening June 26.

From the moment the lease was signed in the beginning of June, Sine and her team did not look back.

“We had to work fast in order to make our deadline. Luckily we have great colleagues from other stores and districts that could help us,” says Sine.

In order to build the temporary store, JYSK recycled the interior from the nearby JYSK store in Slagelse, which was recently upgraded to the new 3.0 store concept. The temporary JYSK store will function until a new permanent location is found.

JYSK Ringsted
The customers were happy to have their JYSK store back in Ringsted.

Happy customers

It is not just Sine and her colleagues that are satisfied with the result.

“The customers were impressed that we have been able to do this in just three weeks, and they have given us many compliments on our temporary store,” says Sine.

It seems, as the customers have been more than happy to have JYSK back in Ringsted. During the five days the temporary store was open in June, Sine and her team managed to reach the turnover index for the entire month.

“I think this is a clear sign that the people of Ringsted have really missed a JYSK store in the period we have been unwillingly closed. But they have made sure to support us," says Sine.

What does not kill you makes you stronger

JYSK Ringsted
Store Manager Sine is prepping her colleagues for the store opening.

After getting the keys to her store in February 2020, Sine has dealt with a burned store, held a successful fire sale, found a new temporary store, opened that store, and in the same time made sure to do it in accordance with the government’s corona regulations.

“It has been a crazy time, so far,” says Sine and adds:

“I feel so bad for my colleagues. I had to reschedule all of their work plans several times and redirect some of them to other stores while searching for a new one. But they have just been magnificent in this process, and they can be proud of how they have come together to help each other,” says Sine.

Sine can even see the positive side of having endured so many things together.

“I have learned new sides of my colleagues in this process, and I think they can say the same about me, which is not that bad of a thing, if you ask me,” says Sine.

JYSK Ringsted
Even though the temporary JYSK store had a short deadline, it is important to make sure it is done right.

Proud District Manager

To District Manager Peter Michael Ordrup Frost, it has been a pleasure to see how the district has come together to help the JYSK store in Ringsted.

“When looking at what the store in Ringsted has been through, it is impossible not to be proud of Sine and her team, but also the entire organisation. Everyone has chipped in on helping, since the store burned,” says District Manager Peter Michael.

For the moment, the temporary JYSK store is even having some of the best sales figures in Denmark for July.

“This just shows what we are able to do. Not just on store level or district level, but on organisational level as well. When we need to act fast, we just do it,” says Peter Michael. 

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