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 garden event in Romania

Midsommer celebrated earlier at the garden event in Romania

Date: 27/05/2019

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications and PR Manager

Category: Product Assortment

Over 100 guests attended a beach party inspired by the Midsommer celebrations and organized at the Danish Embassy in Bucharest. They discovered our new garden collection and our three summer trends. 


In Denmark, the most important summer celebration is Midsommer, which takes place on the day of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Danes celebrate Midsommer by going on the seaside or on a beach by a lake, they make bonfires, have dinner with their family and enjoy the long day. As we planed to have our garden event at the Danish Embassy in Romania, we thought we can offer our guests - journalists, bloggers and celebrities - a real Danish experience. Even though there are still a few weeks until the Summer Solstice, we organized a Midsommer party.  

Lansarea colecției de grădină

One week before the event we started to check all the weather apps. And every time we looked at one, on Wednesday, the day of our event, we would see the rain symbol. It was like the weather knew we wanted a Danish Summer. So we were ready with eight garden pavilions, in case a storm would come. We were lucky and it didn't. 


The 100 guests were pleased to see the Danish beach we recreated in the Embassy's garden. The children didn't leave the beach corner, they played in the sand with the beach toys from our assortment, while their parents where happy that the little ones had something to do. Instead of a food corner, we had a boat full of delicious foods, and the guests wanted to photograph it from all angles. And for the mood, we had Ana Maria Maranda and her guitar. 

Lansarea colecției de grădină
Vladimir Drăghia 

We placed comfortable lounge sets in the garden and emphasized the highlights of our collection: the BEDER set with retro design, the BAMLE range made of bamboo, GJERLEV lounge set with an exotic design and the UBBERUP lounge set made out of strings. We also had an area with garden tables arranged in line, to recreate a beach dinner with many friends.  

“The products from our new collection have a strong Scandinavian feeling and they speak about spending time outdoors, in the nature. People love outdoor activities in Scandinavia and they take advantage of the summer. This is why it's important for them to have a welcoming garden and the hygge atmosphere”, said Alex Bratu, Country Manager JYSK România and Bulgaria.


The Danish Ambassador in Romania, Mr. Søren Jensen, told the guests what Midsommer is like in Denmark. 

“Light is extremely important in Denmark. At Midsommer, we actually celebrate the festival of light. Midsommer is the longest day of the year, after that we go from the days being longer to days being shorter, but it is the day we actually celebrate light. in Denmark we celebrate this in many ways, and one of the ways is to go to the beach. We have 5000 km of beaches, so there is a lot of space to go. They celebrate with big bonfires, people would gather around them while it slowly gets dark. Then they would go to their gardens and spend time with friends, like we are doing here, now”.

Lansarea mobilierului de grădină JYSK


We did not only presented our garden furniture highlights, but also the new trends of Summer 2019. We decorated three bistro sets, each using decorations from one of the trends. Also, during the evening our guests could vote for their favorite trend, and the winner was SUNBAKED. 

Line Skaaning Lindskov, Range & Design Coordinator JYSK Nordic, explained what makes each trend special: 

Lansare colectie gradina

“NORDIC LIGHT is inspired by the lights that we have in the Summer. We are inspired by the sea and the forest, so we see a lot of blue and green. The colors are dusty and beautiful, and the style is simple. We like the simplicity, it is something from our DNA. HARMONY is  very neutral, we use dark grey, light grey, some brown tones. It's very calm. We see wicker work, rope, sea grass, stone, ceramics. The trend is about being calm and relaxed.  SUNBAKED is a more feminine style, the colors are rusty rose or dusty tones, we see a feminine universe, with fringes and, something very trendy now, bamboo. Bamboo is a global trend and we are happy we have it now, it has a boho look”. 

see more photos from the event:

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