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Learn how JYSK uses plastic to save plastic


Author: Martin Sodemann, Communications Consultant

Category: Logistics , Sustainability

A new plastic cover will help JYSK become more sustainable. The change is aimed at helping the environment and keeping the goods extra safe. 



JYSK continues our efforts to be more sustainable. Therefore, we are saying goodbye to top plastic foil on our pallets, saving 920,000 kilograms of plastic annually. 

The change has already been made at most of our distribution centres, and a smart replacement has been found. 

“It’s a step towards a more sustainable future for JYSK. Until now, we have put top plastic on all the pallets, but thanks to optimization, it’s no longer needed that often. So, we’ve come up with a reusable cover for stores who may need it,” says Michael Olesen, Retail Operational Manager at JYSK. 

To ensure they are easy to use, a workgroup consisting mainly of retailers from different countries worked on a smart design. And it seems like they succeeded. 

“With usually very large deliveries, two times a week, we rarely have room for all the pallets in goods reception and storage, which means that in bad weather and rain, a lot of our goods are exposed outside for longer and shorter periods of time. So, we immediately saw that the new covers would be a really good solution,” says Malin Abrahamsson, Store Manager in Lund, Sweden. 

Store Manager Malin Abrahamsson finds it quite easy to use the covers and to store them nicely.

A quick transition

755 JYSK stores have already received their new covers, while an additional 100 stores have placed orders to get theirs. 

And it won’t take long for the stores to get familiar with the new covers.  

“As a test store, every week we have kept statistics on the number of times, and how quickly, we take the covers on/off. We all agree that this is in no way perceived as an extra work step or load, but just the opposite.  After two weeks of use, we have all become quick to use it.” says Malin, who calls the environmental aspect a huge win on top of a win. 

In addition to being gentler to the environment, the new solution is also more gentle to those working at the DCs. 

“It saves them time and that makes for a better work environment which is always a win,” says Michael Olesen.

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