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The kitchen gets more focus in JYSK

Date: 15/07/2019

Author: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Category: Attractive Stores , Product Assortment

Tina Nymann

New decorative kitchen accessories will get more space in JYSK's stores. "We have great success with our decorative items, and now we will also focus on products for the kitchen and table setting," says purchaser Tina Nymann.

Patterned kitchen towels and practical bowls will soon get company by even more decorative kitchen accessories on the shelves and in the exhibitions at JYSK's stores.

“The kitchen is a very central room in many homes, and we can feel that the interest in furnishing the kitchen with cosy and decorative articles is increasing. We are now trying to make that easier for our with a collection of stylish and colourful products such as glass, bowls and plates. With our new products, we combine the functional with the decorative,” says Tina Nymann, who is a purchaser of decoration articles at JYSK.

Kitchen 848

On display

The new products, which are in the stores and online from the beginning of August, include coloured glasses and rustic plates as well as a colored glass carafe, various bowls, mugs and drinking cups with reusable straws.

Product overview

  • Plate TONE Ø30cm light blue
  • Bowl JO Ø24xH8cm stoneware
  • Bowl JOSEF Ø11xH10cm stoneware ass.
  • Bowl BORIS Ø15xH6cm bamboo ass.
  • Mug VILBERT Ø9xH11cm stoneware ass.
  • Jug UNO Ø10xH25cm food safe
  • Glass CLAES Ø8xH10cm clear
  • Glass CLAES Ø8xH10cm assorted
  • Glass ALF Ø8xH14cm w/lid and straw ass.

“The stained glass and the handmade ceramics are things not just to be stored away in a cupboard, but to be put on display to add a little colour to everyday life and create a cosy atmosphere in the kitchen. In addition, the products can be used for several different purposes, for example, the glass carafe could also be used as a vase or the plate as a decorative dish,” says Tina Nymann.

The kitchen accessories are highlighted on special displays in the stores, so that customers can be inspired by how the goods can be combined in their own home.

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