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JYSK wins first prize at Danish Digital Awards

Date: 22/06/2020

Author: Mikkel Barkler, Communications & PR

Category: Awards , E-Business

Together with Dept, our digital partner, JYSK came in on first place in the first virtual edition of Danish Digital Awards.

E-business department
The E-business department in Brabrand followed the awards show - and celebrated their victory - in the canteen.

The first virtual edition of Danish Digital Awards, which aims to celebrate digital experiences, turned out to be a great success for JYSK.

Together with our external partner, Dept, JYSK was able to snap up first prize in the category Best ROI (Return On Investment).

JYSK wins first prize

  • Read more about the case from JYSK here (in Danish).

The jury selected JYSK as the winner based on several parametres, and the choice of JYSK as the gold medallist was described this way:

“This years’ winner is a case that with its clear digital strategy and solid digital solution has supported the core business and created growth. The case demonstrates how persistent digital marketing efforts can optimise the online sales and create customer traffic to the physical stores as well.”

In the E-business department in JYSK, they are very happy to be recognised for their work.

“In JYSK, we are proud of the results we are making in the digital arena. The results are only made possible due to a strong synergy between our executive management team, our employees and our external partner, Dept. Dept has, with their expertise and their scalable business model, been a great ally for an international organisation like JYSK,” says Kasper Fabricius Dorby, Head of Digital Marketing in JYSK.

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