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JYSK sheets turned into face masks

Date: 14/12/2020

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: CSR , Product Assortment

Danish designer Clara Hjelt is busy transforming JYSK textile products with flaws into trendy, reversible face masks.

Clara Hjelt face masksFor more than a year, JYSK has worked with the Copenhagen-based designer Clara Hjelt, who transforms sheets and curtains with flaws into gorgeous, new clothes.

Something, which is still her main product, but in addition Clara has lately been busy producing face masks, which are both washable, reversible and significantly smarter than the typical disposable face masks.

“It began with some friends asking me, if I could sew some custom-made face masks for a wedding. I did that, and they were so well received that I quickly decided to add them to the product range. The raw materials are really good, as it is 100 percent cotton, which can be washed at a high temperature, and at the same time I am happy to be able to make some beautiful face masks, which people hopefully do not just throw on the street after use," says Clara.

A little smarter

Although the prospect of extended restrictions means she can probably look forward to many new orders in the coming months, she is longing for the corona pandemic to be over soon, just like everyone else.

“I look forward to being able to go out and show my clothes physically at trade fairs and events. I look forward to people having the opportunity to try them on physically and feel how a shirt made from, for example, a sheet feels and fits. But now that the situation is as it is, I am happy I can produce face masks that are both comfortable to wear and hopefully also make those who wear them feel a little smarter,” says Clara.


  • JYSK regularly donates textiles to HJELT, which, for example, are produced in an incorrect size. Clara Hjelt transforms the textiles into unique garments.
  • Read more at and follow HJELT on Instagram and Facebook.

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