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JYSK reached 75 stores in Romania

JYSK reached 75 stores in Romania

Date: 25/06/2019

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications and PR Manager

Category: Expansion

On 13th June, JYSK opened the 75th store from Romania, in Huși, a city with a population of 33.000 people in the Eastern part of the country. The opening event was attended by a large number of customers who, until now, didn’t have a JYSK store in their city. The only JYSK Store in the region was in Vaslui, the region’s Capital.

Deschidere JYSK Husi
JYSK Husi team before the opening.

Over 1200 customers shopped in the store during the opening day and were pleased by the great offers.

Liviu Apreotesei, District Manager, remembers the weeks before the opening: "We received the goods three weeks before the opening date and in two weeks we finished preparing the store. This gave our colleagues the chance to remember the product and Sales&Service trainings, while they also had a few days off, so that they could rest just before the opening."

Alina Roman, Store Manager, remembered the opening day: „It was a good opening, even though it was very crowded. The first day was very tiring, because we had a lot of customers, but the staff had a good time. Before the opening, everyone in the team went for a four days training in Vaslui, but there were not that many customers in the store when they worked there”.

towels were the best seller

YSBY towels were the customers’ favourites. 7 out of 10 best selling products were YSBY towels in different sizes and colors.  

„After the first day we had no more YSBY towels, because customers bought them, so the next day we asked for more towels from other stores. The customers were surprisingly calm and patient, even though the queue went from one part of the store to the other, between the racks”, says Alina.  

Other than the towels, customers also liked the fiber pillows and the pillows with natural filling. From the indoor furniture range, the VEDDE and GENTOFTE wardrobes were a success.   


Most of the store staff members are new colleagues. The exception is the Sales Leader, Andrei Ciobanu, who has been working for JYSK since 2018. He worked as a Shift Responsible in JYSK Vaslui and then was promoted to the Sales Leader position in JYSK Huși.  

Alina, Store Manager, is working in JYSK since January and she trained for four months in Vaslui. „i worked for other retailers before and in JYSK it is easier if I think at the phisycal work. I am happy with the benefits and I am pleased by the fact that I have more free time here. I have two days off per week in JYSK and before I had less. When I got hired I was also surprised when I was told that I can call any colleague at any time if I need something. And I did call my colleagues during the opening week!”, says Alina Roman.   


  • JYSK opened the first store in Romania in 2007, in Oradea, as a franchsie
  • In 2011, JYSK România becomes part of JYSK Nordic
  • In 2015 the company opens the 25th store in Romania, in Sfântu  Gheorghe
  • In 2017 the 50th store is opened in Romania, in Sebeș


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