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JYSK prepares expansion to Ireland

Date: 21/05/2018

Author: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Category: Expansion

Ahead of plans to open in Ireland in April 2019, representatives of JYSK Nordic recently inspected the Irish market.

Home visit Ireland
The JYSK team had the opportunity to visit an Irish family, who was hospitable enough to allow the curious people into their home.

"We should believe in ourselves and our assortment."

Expansion to Ireland

  • JYSK plans to open the first store in Ireland in April 2019.
  • JYSK already has 16 stores in northern England.
  • After some challenging years, JYSK's development is now positive in England.

This statement – first stated by Claus Christensen, Purchasing Director for Furniture, Garden and Sourcers – was generally agreed upon, when he and other representatives from JYSK Nordic recently made a tour of the Irish market.

In addition to store visits, the JYSK group had the opportunity to visit an Irish family, who was hospitable enough to allow the curious JYSK people into their home.

"It is amazing that we are allowed to experience a typically Irish home on such a trip. It gives a completely different impression of what kind of home products Irish consumers need, and what an Irish home generally looks like. Just the fact that most people live in small houses with several floors means that our furniture and beds need to be flexible," says Mikael Albæk Kristensen, who was the tour guide for the group.

Home visit 1 Home visit 2

Claus and Mikael was in the company of Søren Nissen, Purchasing Director for Textiles, Ruben Faarup Christensen, Purchasing Director for Mattresses & Online, and Hans Christian Hansen, Category Manager for Garden.

JYSK team in Ireland

Scandinavian style for the Irish

After a few years with challenges in northern England – where JYSK currently has 17 stores and sales are moving in a positive direction – Mikael and the rest of the team are approaching Ireland with a humble attitude, but also with a strong belief in our range of products.

In Ireland, JYSK has the opportunity to offer Irish consumers Scandinavian products that are not yet available on the Irish market.

"We are going to offer something that is simply not available on the market today – and even at better prices, so we look forward to showing the Irish customers just that. But it will also require a lot of us, because we only have one chance to impress the Irish customers, and we need to fully use this opportunity," says Mikael, who is overall responsible for JYSK's business in the UK.

The plan is that JYSK will open its first store in Ireland in April 2019.

Mattress Mick
The JYSK team also met a local celebrity, Mattress Mick, who sells mattresses and operates a taxi business.


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