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Planting FSC Forrest

JYSK plants FSC forest in Ukraine

Date: 25/06/2018

Author: Laura Roesgaard, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: CSR , People

2,500 new trees are ready to grow big and strong in an FSC forest in Ukraine thanks to a great effort by JYSK colleagues and their families.

On a beautiful spring day, a bus arrives to Boyarka forest station. In the bus is a group of JYSK colleagues from the head office in Ukraine. Several have brought their families. This day is not quite like a regular day in JYSK. Today, it is about trees - more precisely about planting small new oaks and pines. 

Anna Zagorayko, Social Media & Digital Coordinator.

In Ukraine, there are major challenges with deforestation and illegal logging – this according to Anna Zagorayko, who participates in the tree planting. Ordinarily she is Social Media & Digital Coordinator.

”In some areas, the forest is completely disappearing. The locals report that the problem has been significantly worsened in recent years,” she explains.

In cooperation with FSC

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is working to preserve the forest areas and promote responsible forestry. FSC is a global non-profit organisation and a labelling scheme for sustainable wood and paper. In an FSC forest, no more trees are cut down than the forest can naturally replace – and at the same time nature, animals and humans are taken into consideration. Today's event takes place in cooperation with FSC in Ukraine.

Country Manager Ievgenii Ivanytsia participates in the event and explains the reason for JYSK's commitment:

"FSC is a focus area in JYSK, and all our wooden garden furniture is FSC-certified. Together with FSC, we are with this event putting focus on responsible forestry. We wish to lead by example and inspire to socially responsible behaviour."

2,500 new trees

Equipped with special spades for the purpose, the JYSK colleagues start the work of planting the new trees. By the end of the day, 2,500 new small oaks and pines are planted.

"Today's event is a perfect combination of team building and social responsibility," says Anna, while she and her colleagues are relaxing after the work and going for a walk in the existing FSC forest, which the new trees will become a part of.

In September, JYSK plans to plant another forest area in collaboration with FSC.

JYSK Collleagues
The JYSK team - ready to plant trees. Balloons and FSC signs help emphasize the purpose of the event and the cooperation with FSC. In the stores and on social media, attention is also paid to FSC and the importance of sustainable forestry.
JYSK's FSC numer is FSC® N001715. Read more about FSC on their homepage. 


Romania also plants new trees

In JYSK Romania, 20,000 trees were planted in December, in a collaboration between JYSK and a national forestry initiative. 1,000 volunteers participated in the event. See more in the video below.

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