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JYSK opened third store in Türkiye


Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications Manager, JYSK Romania

Category: Expansion

With the opening of JYSK’s third Turkish store located in Tepe Nautilus Shopping Mall, JYSK is now also represented on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. In May 2023, the company opened its first two stores in Türkiye on the European side of the city. 

JYSK Nautilus opening in Istanbul
JYSK Nautilus team during the opening day.

The preparations started months before the opening, and involved colleagues from Bulgaria and Romania, who used their knowledge in new store openings to help the team in Türkiye.

Store Manager Cemıl Apaydin joined JYSK in April 2023, and even though JYSK is new in Türkiye, he knew the company from his time living in Belgium.  

“I thought that the dynamic structure of JYSK suited my personality and I applied. The transparent communication of all aspects during the recruitment process also convinced me to join the team,” Cemıl remembers. 

JYSK Nautilus opening in Istanbul
At the opening event, from left to right: Petar Aleksandrov - District Manager JYSK Bulgaria, Cemıl Apaydin - Store Manager JYSK Nautilus, and  Huseyin Yasa - District Manager JYSK Türkiye.

Learning from experience

Cemıl participated in the opening of one of the first two JYSK stores in Türkiye, where he learned how to work with planograms and concept, how to prepare for a new store and the technical skills used in a JYSK store.  

“During the first opening in May, I mostly spent my time trying to learn the business, but in the Nautilus store opening, I managed the entire team, and I had more responsibilities. We proceeded as a full team, although it was stressful from time to time, and we successfully had our opening. It was our first opening with our own local team,” says Cemıl Apaydin.

Help and collaboration

District Manager Huseyin Yasa recounts that the entire process was based on collaboration.

“We learned our lesson and made a good planning, and the opening day was a total success. It was the best store opening in terms of turnover for JYSK Türkiye up to now. Now we started to see the real potential of Istanbul. We served over 2,500 customers in the first five days,” says Huseyin.

JYSK will continue to open new stores in Istanbul and expand its network in Türkiye in 2024.

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