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JYSK Netherlands celebrated 100 stores with a silent opening

JYSK Netherlands celebrated 100 stores with a silent opening

Date: 03/08/2020

Author: Mikkel Barkler, Communications & PR

Category: Expansion

On Friday 10 April 2020, JYSK Netherlands reached an impressive milestone. But the celebration of their JYSK store number 100 in Den Burg on the island of Texel was reduced to a silent opening due to corona virus. 

Sales and Marketing Manager Joanne Uenk
Sales and Marketing Manager Joanne Uenk

Normally when JYSK celebrate big milestones like 100 stores, it happens with a lot of great offers and customers waiting in line in front of the store. However, due to corona virus, such events have been difficult to do in a safely manner. Therefore, JYSK Netherlands decided to do a silent opening of their JYSK store number 100.

“We believed that it was the best way to do it, so that we did not tempt people to stand in line for our campaign offers,” says Sales and Marketing Manager Joanne Uenk and adds:

“Therefore, we had a more quiet opening without the campaign offers and without the normal opening festivities and competitions.”

The store in Den Burg was not only the 100th JYSK store in the Netherlands, it was also the first JYSK store on the island of Texel that is located in the northwestern part of the Netherlands.

Change of plans

At first, the JYSK team in the Netherlands thought they had to close their stores due to corona virus, as it was the case in France and Belgium.

“We are glad that our stores in the Netherlands were able to stay open, but we knew that we had to change our initial plans. We had everything planned for the 100th store opening, but we had to find another solution, because of the government’s corona restrictions,” says Joanne and adds:

“It is a shame because the staff had really been looking forward to opening our store number 100, but we understand that we should not do our normal celebration in these times. It would not be justifiable to do.”

Even though the store had a silent opening, the customers of Den Burg have still found their way to the new local JYSK store on Texel with the required distance, of course.

Country Manager Frank Christant
Country Manager JNL Frank Christant

Great team spirit

For Country Manager Frank Christant, the situation with corona virus has brought forward great corporate spirit.

“Even though our JYSK store number 100 could not be celebrated as we would normally do, I think we can celebrate the great attitude we have shown in this period,” says Frank and adds:

“Our employees have been amazing. They have been very flexible, and I cannot thank them enough for their efforts during this period,” says Frank. 


  • The JYSK store in Den Burg on Texel is 1300 m2 big
  • It opened Friday 10 April 2020
  • The first JYSK stores in the Netherlands opened in 2006 where four stores opened at the same time


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