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JYSK Italy and JYSK England are getting ready for EURO 2020 final

Date: 09/07/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: People

On Sunday 11 July, Italy and England play against each other in the final of Euro 2020. JYSK colleagues in both countries are looking forward to the match and hope to take home the trophy.

Ahead of the EURO 2020 final on Sunday 11 July, has asked colleagues in Italy and England what it means to them to be in the final and their prediction on the result. 

Five JYSK colleagues from the store in Ragusa, Sicily, Italy.


"Let us unite in cohort. We are ready to die. Italy called!"

"This is the motto from the final part of the Italian national anthem that distinguishes our national team, always ready to sing and shout our national anthem and give their all on the pitch, always united, never giving up, only towards one goal: WIN together!!

The team of our store is like our national team always united and projected towards the maximum result, the turnover!!

We in Italy believe in our national football team and we are dreaming of winning EURO 2020, as a symbol of rebirth after the difficult moments of the last year that have isolated and divided us and prevented us from living as we used to before. But we have never given up, as people, as Italians and as JYSK Italia, and coming back better than ever ! A prediction for the final vs England? We will win!

Luca, Riccardo, Patrizia, Corinne, Laura, Giulia, Giuseppe, Daniele and Francesco from store I155 Ragusa (Sicily) have never given up facing every difficulty and they represent the values ​​we all believe in!

But now… FORZA AZZURRI and obviously FORZA JYSK ITALIA! Let's all win together!"

District Manager Natalie Beesley and her nephew on their way to an Everton match.


Natalie Beesley, District Manager in United Kingdom, predicts a 2-1 win to England. 

"Being in the final brings a togetherness and spirit which makes me feel patriotic about being English."





Steven Swallow
Steven and his family at a women's international game.

Steven Swallow, Retail Manager in UK and Ireland:

"The first tournament that I remember was the World Cup in Italy 1990. We were beaten by West Germany in the semi-final on penalties. That was my first sport disappointment and I have lived through 31 years worth of disappointments since then!

Some of you know that I used to work for The Football Association developing the grassroots game, so I have a real emotional investment in this England team, because most of them will have played grassroots football when I was involved.

I am so pleased for Gareth and the team that they have made the final – they clearly have a very strong culture and they conduct themselves in a way that we can all be proud of. I just hope that they can go one better and bring home the trophy on Sunday. I’m predicting a tight game, but England to shade it 1-0 (Harry Kane with the goal)."

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