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JYSK guests donate 200,000 DKK to Danish parasport

Date: 16/04/2019

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: CSR , History , People

The guests at JYSK’s 40th anniversary reception donated 200,000 DKK (approx. 27,000 EUR) to the Danish Parasport organisation.  

Parasport donation
Director of Parasport Denmark, Niels Christiansen, together with Lars Larsen, founder and chairman of JYSK, at the 40th anniversary reception in Himmerland in Denmark. 

On 29 March, JYSK celebrated its 40th anniversary at a reception.

True to the tradition, founder and chairman of JYSK, Lars Larsen, encouraged guests to skip the gifts and instead donate money for the Danish Parasport organisation, called Parasport Denmark, which JYSK has been the main sponsor of for 30 years.

An encouragement, which was acknowledged on a large scale. For that reason, Director of Parasport Denmark, Niels Christiansen, was happy to receive 200,000 DKK, which will make a great difference to the Danish para-athletes.

“It means a lot to our work, because we can do a lot with that amount of money,” said Niels Christiansen, who took part in the celebration of JYSK’s anniversary.

Proud sponsor for 30 years

He used the opportunity to thank JYSK for the support through 30 years, which has meant a lot to the Danish parasport.

”It is the longest-lasting sports sponsorship in Denmark, and it has given us a stable income over the years, which has lifted the development of Danish parasport. At the same time, it has meant a lot that JYSK has approved that we could have other main sponsors as well, who have strengthened the work together with JYSK,” said Niels Christiansen.

Lars Larsen was also happy that so many guests had chosen to follow the encouragement to donate money to Parasport Denmark.

“I am happy that our guests have taken the encouragement to heart and donated such a great amount of money to Parasport Denmark. The athletes have an admirable willpower, and they prove that you can do what you put your mind to. JYSK wants to support that can-do spirit,” says Lars Larsen.

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