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JYSK expands assortment to outer space

Date: 01/04/2021

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: Product Assortment , Technology

With a new specially produced mattress for use in space, JYSK is now investing in its most far-reaching expansion of the assortment to date.

JYSK space mattress
Here is a visualisation of the specially produced space mattress from JYSK.

Yesterday, March 31, 2021, the European Space Agency (ESA) opened for applications from future astronauts to take part in humanity's greatest adventure for the benefit of Earth.

To support the historic mission, JYSK today launches its first specially developed mattress for use in outer space.

“Since we opened our first store in 1979, we have had many different mattresses in our range. Now is the time for the space mattress, which will ensure a good night's sleep for European astronauts and future space tourists,” says Tomke von der Damerau-Ropers, Head of Space Management at JYSK, who is leading the project.

Thinnest mattress ever

Due to the weightlessness in space, the mattress is the thinnest JYSK has ever had in its range. Although the mattress is only a few centimetres thick, it gives astronauts perfect support for an average night in space.

“From our many years of collaboration with Parasports associations, we know how important good sleep is for elite athletes. The same undoubtedly applies to astronauts. With our long experience in mattresses, we believe that we can make a positive difference,” says Tomke von der Damerau-Ropers.

The modest thickness of the mattress also means that it can be rolled up so that it takes up less space inside the space capsule.

More space in the future

Following the development of the space mattress, JYSK has also launched development of several other space products.

"We have tried with weighted duvets, but they require some gravity to work, so we quickly ruled them out. Nor have our experiments with space sofas, where you fasten yourself with a kind of seat belt, been successful. On the other hand, custom-made blackout curtains are still in full development, so they can keep the sunlight out at all times in space,” says Tomke von der Damerau-Ropers.

On the drawing board are also other home products, which can be produced from various scrap from space, which can then benefit earthlings on the ground.

“We are looking at whether scrap metal from space could, for example, be used to make the most weather-resistant garden table ever. If it can handle the radiation in space, wind and weather on Earth should not be any issue,” says Tomke von der Damerau-Ropers.

1 April 2021

Please note that this article was published on 1 April 2021 :-)


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