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JYSK crosses magical threshold in Sweden

Date: 16/04/2021

Author: Daniel Persson, Communication Manager Sverige

Category: Attractive Stores , Expansion

At the end of March, two new stores opened in Sweden, bringing the total to 151 stores across the country.

LaholmA lot of attention was aimed at JYSK in Södertälje, the official 150th store in Sweden. JYSK Sweden's Country Manager, Johan Sjödin, was present as Store Manager Simon Ngarariga cut the ribbon.

“Amazing feeling. I have been looking forward to this so long and have so much energy right now,” the newly appointed Store Manager said.

All over Sweden, the historical opening was recognised with special offers, exactly as the spirit in JYSK founder Lars Larsen's company.

Store number 151

Simultaneously to the store opening in Södertälje, another store opened its doors in Laholm in southern Sweden. Store Manager in Laholm, Caner Erdogan, welcomed a lot of excited customers to the new store, who had longed for a JYSK store in the neighbourhood.

“We have had a steady flow of customers during the whole weekend, except for Saturday when the interest was so big that we had to let some wait outside according to the coronavirus restrictions,” says Caner.

Both in Laholm and Södertälje, the special offers were highly appreciated by the customers and so was the case in the rest of Sweden.

“It feels amazing to be involved in the opening of a new store. I have seen this being built up from the ground. The establishment team did an amazing job in such a short time,” says Caner.


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