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JYSK Ferdinand

JYSK checks into Hotel Ferdinand

Date: 30/10/2017

Author: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Category: Product Assortment

Two apartments in Hotel Ferdinand in Aarhus, Denmark, have been decorated using only JYSK products – and anyone can book a night.

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In 1979, the world’s first JYSK store opened in Aarhus, Denmark. Now, in 2017, JYSK is checking into the city’s Hotel Ferdinand indefinitely.

In an innovative cooperation between the Danish retailer and the Aarhus-based hotel, apartments 507 and 510 have been decorated using only JYSK products. The main purpose is to showcase JYSK’s wide assortment to the public.

Facts about the project

  • JYSK has decorated apartments 507 and 510 in Hotel Ferdinand, located in Aarhus, Denmark, the city where the world’s first JYSK store opened in 1979.
  • The apartments are available for the public to book, and prices start around 150 euros per night.
  • JYSK is using the apartments as a photo and film studio to produce materials for the company’s campaigns, including the current one celebrating 2,500 JYSK stores worldwide.

“A few years ago, we furnished a rented apartment in Aarhus with JYSK products, which we used for photoshoots and filming for our JYSK Apartment campaign. This time, in cooperation with Hotel Ferdinand, we are making this experience available to anyone who wants to spend a night or two in a JYSK hotel apartment,” explains Marc Nicholas Bech Fruergaard, Brand Manager at JYSK Nordic.

Prices for the apartments at Hotel Ferdinand start at around 150 euros per night.

Apartments used as a studio

In addition to making the apartments available to the public, JYSK also has the added bonus of being able to use them as a photo and film studio.

“We have already used the apartments for some of our Christmas photos and videos. JYSK’s founder and owner, Lars Larsen, has also just visited the apartments to record a TV spot there, so the apartments are very valuable to us because they are located so close to our head office,” says Marc Nicholas Bech Fruergaard.

The current campaign celebrating 2,500 JYSK stores worldwide was also recorded in the two apartments. In the future, the apartments will be updated with new furniture from JYSK’s assortment and used in other campaigns.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video here:

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