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JYSK cares

Date: 03/01/2022

Author: Johanne Sandal Nissen, Communications Intern, JYSK

Category: CSR , People

In JYSK, we get involved in a lot of projects around the world where we sponsor, donate, or help in whichever way we can. Here is a quick overview of some of the more recent initiatives.  


JYSK is a proud sponsor of Parasport in various countries. This year, JYSK Denmark hosted a competition in all danish stores, where customers could buy a lottery ticket with prizes such as gift cards for JYSK or even a car. The gathered amount ran up to almost one million DKK, which was donated to Parasport Denmark.

Parasport Denmark
Kristine Brunsborg, the widow of our founder Lars Larsen, alongside with JYSK’s Communications & CSR Director, Rune Jungberg Pedersen, handed over the check to the President of Parasport Denmark, John Petersson.


JYSK helped the NGO JAMBA furniture a career centre for people with disabilities or as the Co-founder, Joana Koleva, prefers to call “diverse abilities”. The centre works as a place where they can get help with learning skills required for the job market and thereby find work. Now this takes place in a nice environment furnished with JYSK sofas, shelves, coffee tables, desks, armchairs, etc.

Sponsorship Bulgaria
Maya Petrova, HR Business Partner at JYSK Distribution Centre in Bozhurishte, to the left and Joana Koleva, Co-Founder of JAMBA, to the right.


JYSK Romania donated money to the NGO Casa Bună, an organisation which provides educational support for children from vulnerable families. The money was used to organise nine “JYSK camps”, where in total 83 children attended.

The purpose of the camps was to teach the children about healthy living habits. Every child spent one week in the JYSK Camp learning under close supervision of volunteers. The sponsorship will continue in the next school year.

Some of the children who attended JYSK Camp.


JYSK Norway recently donated scholarships worth 25000 NOK each to three parasport athletes, who have worked hard to become even better at their sports. The money will support their further training.

Parasport Norway
Sales & Marketing Manager, Krister Andreassen and Social Media & Digital Coordinator, Janne Møller-Nielsen, in JYSK Norway with two of the parasport athletes, Marcus Grasto Nilsson and Kristian Moen.


JYSK Croatia has started a new project called “JYSK for my green city” aimed at providing local communities with more green areas by for example planting trees or cleaning up a local park. Markarska in Croatia was the first city where JYSK in collaboration with city representatives decided to help. JYSK donated trees which employees and volunteers spend their free time planting in November 2021. JYSK employees were rewarded with a day off. The project will continue in other local communities in Croatia where JYSK operates.

JYSK colleagues
JYSK colleagues helped the city Markarska in Croatia by planting trees where they lack green areas.

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JYSK colleagues

JYSK cares

03/01/2022 - In JYSK, we get involved in a lot of projects around the world where we sponsor, donate, or help in whichever way we can. Here is a quick overview of some of the more recent initiatives.  

Dazydaze Ein guter Schritt richtung Besserung :)
Rainer-Zufall Richtig gute Projekte dabei. Hoffentlich ist sowas in der Art auch mal für Deutschland gedacht. Wäre auf jedenfall eine Super Idee!

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