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Happy birthday Jan Bøgh

Date: 25/09/2019

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: People

Wednesday September 25, CEO & President of JYSK, Jan Bøgh, will celebrate his 60th birthday.

JYSK is a retail company run by retailers.Jan Bøgh

Not in the sense that the management have studied a lot of retail at universities or Business Schools, but in the sense that most of the top managers in JYSK have started their career in a store.

This is also the case with CEO & President Jan Bøgh, who turns 60 on September 25th.

Jan got his first job in retail when he was just 11 years old filling the shelves in his uncle´s convenience store in Aabybro in Northern Jutland.

Since then Jan has worked continuously for retailers such as COOP, Color Line and METRO, only interrupted by a short period serving in the military.

Know the details

Since 1995, Jan has been part of JYSK, beginning his career as Purchasing Director, before becoming CEO & President in 2000.

However, President or not, retail is detail, and no one in JYSK can be in doubt that Jan knows the details.

The details in the stores, in the campaign papers, in the marketing materials and about the products. When Jan walks into a store, read a campaign paper or study materials, he will always be able to spot any deviations from planned.

But even though he has an eye for details, Jan can also elevate himself to see the big pictures when making new strategies and taking the big decisions.

Jan has been a vital part of the expansion and success of JYSK, and will continue so for years to come, when JYSK needs to make new e-business solutions, expand to new countries and much more.

And no matter if the focus has been on detail or strategy, Jan never looses his sense of humor, or his ability to ensure that JYSK is a great place to work.

Happy birthday Jan!

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