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Gryfice is world’s most attractive JYSK store

Date: 06/06/2023

Author: Sylwia Filimon, Communications Manager, JYSK Poland

Category: Attractive Stores , Awards


During the last months, a competition was organised to find the most attractive JYSK store in the world. Out of more than 3,000 stores, Gryfice in Poland was the winner.  

Store Manager
Store Manager in JYSK Gryfice, Katarzyna Kaczmarska in the middle.

An attractive appearance and professional and friendly service are the elements that attract customers to stores. 

Therefore, JYSK recently launched an internal competition to find the most attractive store in the world. The purpose was to celebrate the winner and to make all stores go the extra mile to be even more ready for customers. 

Ahead of more than 3,000 JYSK stores in the world, the Gryfice store in Poland was awarded the title. Gryfice is a town in north-western Poland, twenty kilometres from the sea.  

The store colleagues found out about the award just before opening on Tuesday 23 May, when Michael Bach Olesen, Retail Operational Director, Piotr Padalak, Country Director of JYSK Poland, and Sylwia Filimon, Communications Manager at JYSK Poland, surprised everyone with a cake and a diploma. 

“We are proud and very happy. In every competition we play to win, but this is a unique competition, because it is global. This is our daily work, we come here with pleasure, we work as a team and we want to be the best at what we offer our customers,” says Katarzyna Kaczmarska, Store Manager in Gryfice. 

The winner store was surprised by Retail Operational Director Michael Bach Olesen (number 2 from left) and Country Director in JYSK Poland, Piotr Padalak (first from right).

Customers expect attractive stores 

The competition for the most attractive store was held in all JYSK countries. First, stores were celebrated at district level, then regional level, and finally a country nominee was found. The finalist is the store that won among all JYSK countries. 

“Customers expect nice and well-kept spaces every time they go shopping with us. Also from a competitive market perspective, it is important that JYSK stores encourage visitors to visit and that customers feel good in them,” says Michael Bach Olesen. 

The main criteria in the competition was the attractiveness of the store in terms of product display and service, and several sales-related indicators and KPI’s were also considered. 

“I think we have many things that distinguish us from the competition. We have great service, we have a really attractive assortment and beautiful stores. I am glad that when I travel around different countries, I see good-looking stores, regardless of the country I visit. And an attractive store means more sales,” adds Michael. Winner picture

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