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JYSK Franchise Kuwait

Franchise launch in Kuwait exceeded expectations

Date: 11/12/2017

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: Expansion , Franchise

The first JYSK store in Kuwait opened on November 1st with a huge celebration and a lot of media attention.

A sandstorm almost got in the way of JYSK Franchise’s store opening in Kuwait.

Luckily enough, the whirling sand settled just in time for the celebrations, which had been planned months in advance by JYSK’s local franchise partner and JYSK Franchise’s team in Denmark.

The expansion in Kuwait was also the first country opening for Franchise Coordinator Magnus Thorn Andersen, who began working with JYSK’s franchising department on 1 June 2017.

“I expected a lot from the opening in Kuwait, where prestige is very important and no expense is spared. But what I actually saw once I arrived completely exceeded my expectations. It was simply a huge experience,” says Magnus.

Before he became Franchise Coordinator, Magnus worked in Sales & Expansion as Sales Coordinator for JYSK Sweden and has been with JYSK since November 2015.

JYSK Franchise Kuwait team
From left: Ayaat A. Morgen, Divisional Marketing Manager; Magnus Thorn Andersen, Franchise Coordinator; Frederik Kåre Kroun, Franchise Director; Faisal Ali Al Mutawa, AAW Chairman & CEO; Georges A. Haidar, JYSK Manager, Kuwait; Thomas Hintze, Store Manager, Denmark; and Christina Madsen, Sales Leader, Denmark.

A new role in Kuwait

Almost from day one in his new job, Magnus started working on the Kuwait expansion. The many months of hard work paid off when he attended the exclusive VIP event on November 1st.

“I felt a little out of place, because I didn’t know anyone at the event and wasn’t sure what my role was. I prefer knowing exactly what to do and working hard to achieve specific goals. But once I settled into my role of representing JYSK and answering questions about our company, I felt perfectly fine,” explains Magnus.

The following day, on November 2nd, the 1,000-square metre store opened to the public. Since then, the number of customers has only increased, and sales are looking promising.

Collaboration across borders

Facts about Kuwait

  • Capital: Kuwait City
  • Population: 4.3 million
  • Currency: Kuwait dinar (KWD)
  • Area: 17,818 square kilometres

Leading up to the opening, Magnus worked closely together with JYSK’s local franchise partner to make sure everything was in line with the JYSK’s rules and guidelines.

“I collaborated mostly with our local franchise partner’s Divisional Marketing Manager, Ayaat A. Morgen. She made sure we had huge billboards and newspaper ads announcing the arrival of JYSK with a focus on Scandinavian design, which is really popular in Kuwait,” says Magnus.

All major news media in Kuwait covered the VIP event, which was also attended by JYSK Franchise Director, Frederik Kåre Kroun, and Danish Store Manager Thomas Hintze and his colleague Christina Madsen from Sønderborg, who helped build the store.

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Ayaat Morgan Thank you, Magnus! We loved having you here in Kuwait and we look forward to further progress, grand openings and continued success.

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