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Five new stores in one day

Date: 22/06/2018

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Expansion

JYSK is busy opening new stores around the world. On Thursday 31 May, JYSK opened five stores in five different countries.

The inhabitants of Budapest in Hungary, Kiev in Ukraine, Malacky in Slovakia, Västberga in Sweden and Bistrita in Romania could all celebrate 31 May with the opening of a new JYSK store.

JYSK opens more than 120 new stores each year, but 31 May was special in the sense that JYSK Nordic opened five stores in five different countries on the same day.

“We are used to opening a lot of stores, but it is somewhat special to open that many stores in one day. The reason we are able to do so is that expansion and opening new stores is part of our JYSK DNA. Our employees know exactly what to do to ensure that our customers get a great experience on the opening day and beyond,” says Executive Vice President Retail, Mikael Nielsen.

2,616 stores worldwide

Including the five new store, JYSK Group has 2,616 stores around the world and many more are on the way.

”JYSK is doing great, and we are going to open a lot of new stores in the coming months. In that regard, it is easy to say that the opening of five stores is just another day at the job. But thinking about the huge effort it takes from my colleagues around the world, it is something we should be proud of,” says Mikael Nielsen, who recently returned from a trip to Ireland, which is the next country that JYSK will enter.

Budapest in Hungary

Kiev in Ukraine

Malacky in Slovakia

Västberga in Sweden

Bistrita in Romania

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Vojtěch Lukáč Hi, I was just wondering what store concept did our colleagues use in store in Västberga? Is it a "city store" concept? Because I can't tell it certainly from the picture above, but the lighting in combination with the floor looks warm and cozy, yet simple and welcoming, definitely a store I would like to visit or rather have here in Pilsen (Czech Republic). Thank you :)
Sandra Martinsson ”Hi,
Our store in Västberga is a 3.0 store. We are really glad you like it. We do to!
Best Regards, Sandra Martinsson”
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