Finnish store celebrates record annual turnover

Date: 09/10/2017

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Intern

Category: Sales Growth

Finland celebration
The team in Oulu Limingantulli celebrates the record.

The store in Oulu Limingantulli in Finland reached the highest annual turnover ever seen in the country.

Employees at the store in the city Oulu Limingantulli, in north-western Finland, could on Friday 25 August proudly show up for work to a different and joyful day where their team and their great fighting spirit were celebrated.

The store could celebrate setting a record for the highest annual turnover ever seen, since JYSK in 1995 opened its first store in Finland.

”For several years in a row, the store has delivered fantastic results which have exceeded the previous years. The new record is 12.4 percent higher than the previous one, so we can really talk about a marked improvement in turnover,” says Ville Velin, Country Manager in JYSK Finland.

Motivating start at work

Facts about JYSK Finland

  • JYSK opened its first store in Finland in 1995.

  • Today JYSK has 74 stores in Finland.

The impressive result was celebrated in the store with visits from Country Manager, Regional Manager and District Manager. All employees at the store were invited for coffee, cake and a small glass of champagne as a start to a different day at work.

Leading the store is Store Manager, Minna Järvinen, who together with District Manager, Jenni Mikkonen, is very proud of the store’s result.

“Breaking this milestone turnover means so much for the whole store staff who have been chasing the record through the whole financial year. Their incredible Customer First attitude and sales hunger has made the record possible. It was also important to be able to set this record now, since JYSK will open a third store in Oulu in October, which will make repeating this achievement very challenging during the financial year of 2018,” says Jenni Mikkonen, District Manager.

After an hour of celebration, the employees could open the store for another sales day with renewed motivation and energy.

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