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Finnish colleagues try out Paralympic sports

Date: 26/10/2018

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications Coordinator

Category: CSR , People

Para sports and JYSK

  • JYSK has supported Para sports since 1989, when JYSK became main sponsor of Parasport Denmark.
  • Today, JYSK supports Para sports in 10 different countries across JYSK Nordic and Franchise: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Canada, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

During Store Manager Days in September, more than 100 Finnish JYSK colleagues tried out wheelchair rugby, sitting volley and goalball.

As part of a close cooperation between JYSK Finland and the Finnish Paralympic Committee, JYSK colleagues were invited to try out different Paralympic sports in the Finnish city of Tampere.

For JYSK the cooperation with the Finnish Paralympic Committee is more than just a sponsorship. It is a choice based on our corporate values and it is about commitment, true partnership and working together.

The colleagues where challenged in different sports: goalball, wheelchair rugby, sitting volleyball and blind football. See the pictures and read about the sports below.


Goalball is played by athletes who are blind or visually impaired. The game was invented in 1946 to help rehabilitate veterans who had lost their sight during the Second World War.
Wheelchair rugby
Wheelchair rugby is a mixed-team sport for male and female athletes. The sport originates from Canada and was created by athletes with an impairment. The players compete in manual wheelchairs that are specially designed for the purpose.


Sitting volley
Sitting volley is a team sport played, as the name implies, in a sitting position with a lower net and a smaller court than in the stand-up version.
Football-5-side, also known as blind football, is an adaption of football for athletes with visual impairment. The ball makes a noise due to a sound system located inside that helps players orientate themselves. 


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