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Emil has developed into Logistics Director


Author: Sandra Martinsson, Communications Manager, JYSK Sverige

Category: Careers & HR

Emil Östlin is new Logistics Director at JYSK DCN


After 10 years as Operations Manager at JYSK's distribution centre in Nässjö, DCN, Emil Östlin has taken on a new role. Since 1 April, he is the new Logistics Director.

“Becoming a Logistics Director is a goal that has emerged for me during my years in JYSK. I am proud to have the opportunity to continue to drive the development of DCN on a strategic level. I know that there is a lot of potential in the future to continue to streamline our flows," says Emil Ôstlin, the new Logistics Director of DC Nässjö.

DCN supplies JYSK's 257 stores in Sweden and Finland with goods and delivers online purchases to all households in both countries. Through his role as Operations Manager and as part of the distribution centre's management team for 10 years, there are few things Emil doesn't already know about DCN. This is a great advantage in the new role of Logistics Director.

"We have development projects underway already that I'm really looking forward to seeing the effect of when we roll them out widely. In my previous role as Operations Manager, I have been involved in all parts of the day-to-day operations, from the development projects to everything related to the employees. It's been very mixed and it has taught me a lot," he says.

several leadership roles in logistics

Throughout his career, Emil has experience from several leadership positions in logistics from large Swedish companies such as PostNord and Elgiganten. He joined JYSK in 2014 and has since been Operations Manager for DCN and the 230 warehouse workers that works there.

"I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to grow in JYSK. During my 10 years here, I have had many opportunities to develop my role and have had the chance to take on more and more responsibility," he says.

Annika Löfgren and Emil Östlin
Annika Löfgren and Emil Östlin.

Strong relationship with Retail

In his new role as Logistics Director, the goal is to continue making JYSK's logistics even more efficient in close cooperation with the retail organisations in Sweden and Finland.

"There have been a number of years with high growth rates and during such a time it is super important to act as one team. Logistics and retail must work with the common goal of serving customers in the best possible way. This is something we have been good at in JYSK and that we will continue to develop," he says.

Receiving support in the beginning

Emil succeeds Annika Löfgren, who has chosen to retire at the end of May. Right now, she remains as a senior advisor and ensures that Emil gets the best start in his new job.

"I am very grateful that Annika has empowered me over the years by giving me more responsibilities and mandates that were also outside my role as Operations Manager. These are experiences that make me well-equipped to take over the role now that Annika leaves JYSK," he says.

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