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Double City Store opening in Finland

Date: 05/09/2018

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: Attractive Stores , Expansion

On Thursday 23 August, Finland opened the doors to the first two City Stores in the country. With the two new stores located in Helsinki, JYSK now has a total of ten City Stores across three countries.

Katrine Veggerby, Project Manager for City Stores

Finland can now welcome customers in two new City Stores in the shopping centres Forum and Itis in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki.

Katrine Veggerby, who is Project Manager for City Stores and works in Retail Development, attended the store opening in Finland, as she usually does when a new City Store opens.

We caught up with her on phone to learn more about the City Store openings.

”It is great to participate in the opening. We are busy in the days up to the opening and especially here in Finland as we are opening two new stores on the same day. But the atmosphere is always good and people are very positive,” says Katrine.

The location of the City Stores is important and the two new stores in Finland are both located inside popular shopping centres in Helsinki.

“In the City Stores we can mix and match the products in a way that inspires customers to buy more. We have a smaller assortment in the City Stores and the assortment primarily includes products from our PLUS and GOLD categories and new products,” says Katrine, who is also in charge of selecting products to be displayed in the City Stores.

Reactions from customers

The City Store concept is new in Finland, and we asked Riikka Leskinen, Sales & Marketing Manager in JYSK Finland, who also participated in the opening, to ask some of the first customers what they thought about the store.

Meet them here:

"Great offers and the store is much more inspirational. I have often shopped in JYSK during the last two years and I always get great customer service."
- Jarkko Purhonen 


At the opening day, Jarkko Purhonen bought decorative plants, a pillow and a duvet. He also considered buying a new set of bed linen.

"I like the new look of the store and this time I bought a new throw."
- Vilma Martikainen



"I was very pleased to visit the store and I think the store looks great."
- Iris Sahlström 


Iris went home with new mattresses and throws.

JYSK city stores

With the openings in Finland, JYSK now has a total of 10 City Stores.

  • 5 in Denmark
  • 3 in Hungary
  • 2 in Finland

Already in September, the third City Store will open in the centre Redi in Helsinki, Finland.

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