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Gala CSR Awards 2021: JYSK primește o distincție la categoria Sănătate

Distinction for supporting the Healthcare system in Romania

Date: 13/04/2021

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications Manager, JYSK Romania

Category: Awards , CSR

At the 2021 CSR Awards Gala in Romania, JYSK received an honorable mention in the Healthcare category for the project “Emergency Fund for Hospitals”. For the past year, healthcare attracted the highest interest from both the donors and the public.

CSR Awards 2021
The Gala took place online, but the winners received their diplomas the same day.

The 9th edition of the CSR Awards Gala took place at the beginning of April. Each year, the competition recognizes the companies that are involved in the community issues and emphasizes the projects that make a difference in the life of employees, customers and communities. For the second year, the gala took place online. Over 80 representatives of Romanian companies attended the gala.   


The coronavirus pandemic made everyone aware about how important the health system is. During 2020, according to website (nr. the Donors Platform), this was the area that attarcted the highest funds from the Romanian donors, almost 6 million euros.

The interest towards healthcare was aslo reflected by the high number of projects that were submitted at CSR Awards gala this year.

One of the initiatives that received a distinction was the Emergency Fund for Hospitals which JYSK implemented in Marc hand April 2020. During the nationwide lockdown, at the beginning of the pandemic, JYSK created an emergency fund from which it made in-kind donations to hospitals. The  purpose of the campaign was to increase the number of hospital beds for COVID-19 pacients. Managers of the hospitals who lacked bedlinen, duvets, pillows or mattresses sent their requests to JYSK, and the store staff delivered the products.

“For the first time, everyone was concerned about how well prepared are hospitals to treat sick people. Private companies, NGOs’s, authorities and individuals started to get involved and helped the healthcare system anyway they could. After we donated the products, the store staff was really proud that they had the chance to help their local hospital. We are happy the our support mattered and that the CSR Awards jury appriciated our initiative”, said Alex Bratu, Country Manager JYSK Romania and Bulgaria.

JYSK Fond de urgenta pentru spitale
Colleagues from the Bistrița store delivering products to their local hospital.

19 medical units received donations from the emergency fund and over 600 hospital beds were improved.


The newest JYSK initiative will support healthcare workers from Moinești Emergency Prevention Center. JYSK will donate furniture for their new offices, built by Habitat for Humanity Romania.


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