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Busy times at JYSK’s distribution centres

Date: 18/06/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Logistics

The number of stores in JYSK grows, and so does the distribution centres. The construction of the distribution centre number 9 in Ecser, Hungary, is progressing as planned, and in other distribution centres much is going on too.

The goal in JYSK is to reach 5,000 stores worldwide. However, if this should be possible, JYSK’s distribution centres also have to grow, as they play a major role in delivering products to stores and directly to customers.

That is why, has made a short tour around some of our distribution centres to get the latest update.

DC Ecser, Hungary

In Ecser, Hungary, the upcoming distribution centre number 9 is starting to look like a distribution centre. In spring 2022, the front areas with manual picking areas and 152 gates will be ready for operation, and in the last quarter of 2022, the automation part with the high bay storage and 10 outfeeds will be taken into use. See the pictures in the image gallery.


JYSK has signed a contract for a plot in Lelystad, Netherlands. Here JYSK will invest 200 million EUR in a new distribution centre that should be ready for use in summer 2024. More info will follow.

DC Kammlach, Germany



In April, JYSK bought a plot of approx. 22,000 square meters next to the distribution centre. The property serves to expand the DCK and especially the high bay storage. The project group for the expansion starts in June.

DC Uldum, Denmark


The distribution centre in Uldum has been expanded with a manual picking area of 9,000 square metres, which means that the total floor plan now is 91,000 square metres.


Furthermore, a new automated robot warehouse and online order picking system has been introduced. 29 robots move 279 storage racks around the warehouse with a total capacity of 300 order lines an hour. Until now, the system has produced more than 150,000 online orders. The system is currently being expanded to be able to handle 450 order lines an hour and will be ready before this year’s Black Friday.

DC Nässjö, Sweden

In Nässjö, JYSK is also expanding. Due to increasing sales, the number of employees also increases and therefore, JYSK needs more space for both storage and practical areas for the staff.

Phase 1 will be to expand the kitchen and start up cooking own food and increase the parking area. Startup will be in October or November.

Phase 2 will be to expand the storage areas and increase number of gates. This phase has just started up and is still on the planning level.

DC Homberg, Germany


DCH was hit hard by the corona crisis because Homberg only delivers to stores in Germany, which were shut down for a long period. Among other things, the time was used to renew the technology in the high bays completely.

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Ireland status

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