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Almost 200 watched first ever JYSK LIVE PR event

Date: 26/03/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Product Assortment

This March, JYSK held its first ever online PR event. Almost 200 influencers and journalists from 11 European countries watched the live event that put focus on the newest trends in JYSK and JYSK’s sustainability efforts.

When you cannot do what you are used to, you just have to come up with a new solution. That attitude can be exemplified in a lot of different ways in JYSK during this last year, and so is the case for the JYSK LIVE event.

Every six months, JYSK usually gathers journalists and influencers for a PR event, where we show our new products and talk about the development going on in JYSK. This has not been possible in the past year, and that was why the first ever JYSK LIVE event was invented.

The event was livestreamed on Tuesday 16 March from a studio in Åbyhøj, Denmark. The event lasted 45 minutes for Danish participants in the morning and 45 minutes for international guests in the afternoon. All in all, almost 200 influencers and journalists participated online.

“The event is a good way to make JYSK top of mind for influencers and journalists. This has already helped us get some extra publicity, and in the end hopefully more sales in our stores and online,” says Communications & PR Manager Martin Fyn Aamand, who hosted the event.

Trends, styling and sustainability

During the event, Range & Design Manager Rikke Blæsild talked about trends for the upcoming outdoor season, Sustainability Manager Sam Harrington was interviewed about JYSK’s sustainability efforts, and Range & Design Coordinator Line Skaaning Lindskov talked about styling of outdoor areas.

“We have had very positive feedback from participants, so I’ll say that the event was a great success. Now we know that we are able to do a great online event, if necessary. But I hope it will be possible to do an indoor event later this year physically,” says Martin.

You can watch the whole event below, if you are interested. The show is only available in English and without subtitles.

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Jesper Andersen This is awesome - thank you for sharing your experience with virtual events with the rest of us in the PR industry!

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