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6 colleagues won a JYSK makeover

Date: 20/07/2022

Author: Sylwia Filimon, Communications Manager, JYSK Poland

Category: Product Assortment

RearrangementThe "Makeover with JYSK" was an internal competition for JYSK employees in Poland. It was based on rearrangements of selected spaces while using company products.

The daughter's room, who is about to start studies, a bedroom for newlyweds who had just started a new way of life, a studio for an 18th birthday gift, or a living room for a family who just welcomed a newborn son.

6 Polish colleagues were the lucky winners of a JYSK makeover of a room in their home. The winners were selected by the competition committee with the representation of different departments: COMM, SMDC, Marketing, and HR.

All Polish colleagues got the chance to sign up by sending photos and technical description of the space which was designed for makeover. Also, participants needed to explain creatively why their space should win.

“Employees are the best brand ambassadors. It was a fantastic experience to do makeovers with them. Functional and nice spaces were created in the spirit of Scandinavian design, which we also showed on the outside in social media, wanting to inspire customers to new ideas for the interior,” says Sylwia Filimon, Communications Manager at JYSK Poland.



Three interior designers and internet creators were involved in planning changes, selecting furniture and accessories. They examined the needs and preferences to colors and functionality in order to directly supervise changes in each location at the final stage.

“I couldn't believe, when I saw that it was our room that was chosen for the makeover. Great joy and emotion. Now, the room looks beautiful, it was also interesting to see how our accessories can be used and combined in the home space. A lot of practical knowledge that can also be used in everyday work,” says Ania Falkowska, Sales Assistant from the JYSK store in Lodz, who rearranged the room for her daughter.

The interior designers posted stories on Instagram and YouTube showing makeovers and JYSK employees in it. In this case, the reach of audience in total was about 500,000 followers (200,000 on YouTube and 300,000 on Instagram). The posted stories showed the process with the before and after effects, as well as described step by step changes in the home spaces.

You can see the six transformations in this image gallery.

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D I would have liked it if the GOJYSK report would go more into detail OR refer directly to the specific social media accounts of said event so I could get a feeling on how they approached the different scenarios and appreciate it even more.

Can someone disclose the name of and/or platforms on which said "three interior designers and internet creators" posted their work?

Anyways, thank you for sharing this story with us! Greatly appreciated. (:
Johanne Sandal Nissen Hi D.

Thank you for your feedback and question. JYSK Poland collaborated with Agnieszka Chlebda (@agnieszkachlebda), Ula Michalak (@interiors_design_blog) and Sylwia Sone (@shinysyl), who can all be found on Instagram.

Your GOJYSK team.
Michael Lauritzen Brilliant idea and even better execution! Real spaces and real people benefitting from our great products! Way to go team Poland!

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