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250 JYSK stores in Poland

Date: 08/09/2021

Author: Sylwia Filimon, Communications Manager, JYSK Poland

Category: Expansion

Store Manager Agata Żmiejko (holding the number 2), Danish Ambassador Ole Toft (holding number 5) and Country Manager Piotr Padalak (holding number 0).

JYSK has reached the milestone opening of the 250th store on the Polish market. The big celebration took place on 25 August 2021 in Bialystok in the eastern part of the country. Next target for JYSK Poland is 500 stores.

More than 20 years ago, the first JYSK store opened in Poland in Gdansk. Since then the Danish brand became very known and popular in the country. On 25 August, JYSK celebrated the opening of store number 250 in Bialystok in the eastern part of Poland.

The ceremonial opening was attended by the honorary guest Ole Toft, Danish Ambassador in Poland. He cut the ribbon together with Country Manager Piotr Padalak and Store Manager of the Bialystok store, Agata Żmiejko, to mark this unique moment.

“I am proud of our employees, because it was a joint effort and commitment that allowed us to reach the number of 250 stores. I would like to thank them for their daily energy and professionalism,” says Piotr Padalak, Country Manager in JYSK Poland.

Store Manager in Bialystok, Agata Żmiejko.


This 250th store opening also meant a completely new team. The store staff is partly from other, previous locations and partly newly hired. Store Manager Agata Żmiejko has been 18 years in JYSK. She has experienced how the company have developed over the years on the Polish market.

“We all felt the importance of this moment of the company's development on the Polish market. The new store in the 3.0 concept looks fantastic and attracts attention. The effects were visible on the opening day - the line of customers did not decrease throughout the day,” says Agata.


As JYSK believes in the future of physical retail stores and wants to be closer to our customers, inspire them and give the opportunity to learn about our products directly, JYSK Poland still has space to grow.

Ultimately, there is room for around 500 JYSK stores on the Polish market, as Country Manager Piotr Padalak said in several media interviews during the opening of the store in Bialystok.


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