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100 JYSK stores in Czech Republic

100 stores in Czech Republic

Date: 08/10/2021

Author: Zuzana Rafajlovič, Communications Manager

Category: Expansion

JYSK has been operating on the Czech market since 2003, when the first store opened in Prague. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and on 30 September 2021, JYSK celebrated the opening of store number 100.

The big celebration took place in Kutná Hora, a historical city in the Central Bohemian Region of Czech Republic. The grand opening was also attended by the mayor, who together with the Country Manager of JYSK in Czech Republic symbolically cut the ribbon and officially opened the 100th JYSK store.

Ribbon cutting ceremony
Ribbon cutting ceremony


District Manager
Petra Zedníková
District Manager

The newest JYSK store is a part of a new retail park, which the residents have been anticipating eagerly.

“Preparation for the grand opening was a bit complicated due to a delay of shipment of the shelves, but thanks to very flexible help from other stores and dedication of Establishment Team we managed everything right on time,” says Petra Zedníková, District Manager.

The new store is built in the newest Store Concept 3.0, which comes with even more inspiration and better shopping experience for customers.

“Customers take pictures of our inspirational rooms and then shop accordingly. They like the rooms so much that they wish to have it the same way at home,” says Petra.

Store Manager
Magdaléna Pešková, Store Manager


JYSK's continuous expansion creates local job opportunities, and there are almost 800 employees in Czech Republic. Working at JYSK was a dream job for Magdaléna Pešková, Store Manager of the newly opened store.

“I had very good references about the company directly from other JYSK employees. Now I am proud to be Store Manager of the 100th store. Preparing for the opening was the first big team challenge and we managed it together. The reward is a beautiful and spacious store, which attracts attention,” says Magdaléna.


“Although we are a global player, we operate locally and opening the 100th store in Czech Republic is proof of that. We believe in potential of physical stores, we want to be closer to customers, welcome them in our stores and inspire them with our assortment. The 100th store is a significant milestone, but we are not done yet, we are moving on,” says Peter Brányik, Country Manager of JYSK in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

A day before the big opening, a nationwide campaign for all JYSK customers was launched. The special campaign will run throughout the next month.

“I want to thanks to all employees as opening 100 stores in 18 years is the result of a joint effort. Thanks to their daily competent and responsible work, we can celebrate the jubilee store today,” says Peter Brányik. 

100 JYSK stores in Czech Republic100 JYSK stores in Czech Republic100 JYSK stores in Czech Republic

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