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JYSK Poland encourages customers to use their own shopping bags

Дата: 27/11/2019

Author: Aleksandra Palmaka, Intranet & Communications Consultant

Категория: People , Sales Growth

In November JYSK Poland launched a new marketing campaign called “Bring Your Own Bag”. The concept was simple. Every customer that brought his/her own shopping bag, got a 15% discount for everything that is in it.image

We already know this concept for My Big Blue Bag campaign. This time the decision was made to bring it to a new level - instead of filling our Big Blue Bag with goodies, bring your own bag. Why? Because it is more environmentally friendly.

By offering a discount, we can encourage our customers to take their own bags every time they go shopping. This way we can encourage them to be more environmentally friendly - says Maciej Strzelecki, Sales and Marketing Assistant in JYSK Poland.

It was Maciej that came up with the idea in a first place.  Maciej leads an eco-friendly lifestyle. He has noticed that a lot of people bring their own shopping bags to reduce the amount of plastic being used these days. He thought it would be a great idea, if JYSK could be a part of that eco trend as well – says Aleksandra Chalimoniuk, Communication & PR Manager in JYSK Poland.

The campaign was launched 7-9.11.2019 and it turned out to be a great hit. It got really positive feedback in social media and most importantly, our customers loved it. They filled their own bags of all shapes and sizes with JYSK products and got 15% discount.

Customers filled their own bags with JYSK products and got 15% discount.


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