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A trip to Portugal for the Most Attractive Store Team

A trip to Portugal for the Most Attractive Store Team

Дата: 02/10/2019

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications and PR Manager

Категория: People

Our colleagues from JYSK Brașov 3 store, who won this year’s title of Most Attractive Store in all JYSK countries, went on a trip to Portugal, a country which made a very nice impression on all of them. 

JYSK Brasov 3 Portugal

A few months ago, the JYSK Brașov 3 team received a surprise visit. During this store visit, Michael Olesen, Head of Retail, and Fokke Been, Regional Concept Manager, announced that their store was the winner of the most sought after prize, the Most Attractive Store trophy.

This award came at the end of a longer contest, which first awarded the most attractive store at a District level, Region, Country and, finally, from all JYSK countries. The winning team received a diploma, a trophy and a trip for the entire store team, together with the District Manager.


Destination: Portugal. All ten colleagues started packing and left for Lisbon, eager to discover the city and to socialize with their team while being in a holiday mood. Even though the weather was pretty bad, the trip was a beautiful experience for all of them. More than that, for some of them it was their first trip on an airplane.

JYK Brasov 3 in Portugal

“We really liked to organize ourselves outside of work. We bought suitcases, cosmetics kits, we boarded the airplane and we made a lot of group photos. Everyone enjoyed the trip and the portuguese people were very friendly and kind. The city was beautiful, and the food was very tasty”, said Mariana Cațer, Store Manager JYSK Brașov 3. 

Our colleagues enjoyed visiting the city with it’s picturesque streets, they loved walking on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and discovering the portuguese cuisine. 

“The things I loved most were the walks we had around town and the atmosphere in our group. It was a very good holiday, I hope we will win another one and I hope we will stay more than three days”, said Marius, Sales Assistant JYSK Brașov 3.

The great results of the JYSK Brașov 3 team were also recognized at the JYSK Annual Party, when the whole team went on stage to receive their award and to be cheered by everyone.

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