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Roundup from countries: Celebrations, parasport and garden furniture

Dátum: 27/02/2019

Author: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Kategória: People

Every now and then, we roundup recent events and activities from some of the JYSK Nordic countries. Check them out here.

Czech Republic & Slovakia

Party CZ SKParty CZ SK

900 JYSK employees from Czech Republic and Slovakia gathered for a big party in January to celebrate the 15th anniversary of JYSK in those markets.


Norway parasports

JYSK Norway is continuing its support for parasports by announcing special sponsorships of three para-athletes. One of the athletes is Aida Husic Dahlen (left), who plays para-pingpong and will be supported by JYSK for one year.

West Balkan

West Balkan DM meeting

District Managers from JYSK West Balkan - Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia - gathered in the head office to celebrate the first half of the financial year and to plan how to win the second half.


Sweden garden furniture

Swedish colleagues are excited to receive their delivery of garden furniture for the coming season. How high can they jump? Sales will tell.

Distribution Centre Nässjö

DCN training

At DCN - Distribuction Centre Nässjö in Sweden - a group of five colleagues have been trained in ergonomics. Their job is now to teach their colleagues how to make sure they do not hurt themselves when lifting and moving things around. In the photo, they are getting instructions from a professional trainer.

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