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Vlad and Valentin from Romania helped with the opening in Ireland

Vlad and Valentin from Romania helped with the opening in Ireland

Datum: 23/05/2019

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications and PR Manager

Categorie: Expansion , People

For two weeks, an international team helped setting up the first JYSK store in Ireland and preparing it for the opening day. Two colleagues from Romania were part of the team. They shared their Irish experience and told us how  working with colleagues from different countries is. 

The opening of the first store in Ireland was celebrated across all countries from JYSK Nordic. It was a moment that customers, the media and JYSK waited for with enthusiasm. But it was also an event that needed a lot of preparation.

Vlad Bordeanu si Valentin Cobuz
Vlad Bordeanu and Valentin Cobuz working in the Naas store

an international team

The first store in Ireland, JYSK Naas, was prepared by an international group of six colleagues from E-Team. They came from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Romania. They all had years of experience, but it was the first time they met and worked together, as a team, to implement the JYSK store concept for the first store in Ireland. Two colleagues from Romania, Vlad Bordeanu and Valentin Cobuz, were part of the team.

“It was a great experience, we prepared the store. It was a store built for the new concept. We managed to do all the work in record time, only four and a half days. We were prepared for the usual 10-11 days of work, but we were very well organized. We all had a lot of experience in JYSK, we had worked for other store openings and we knew what to do. In the last few days we also met the colleagues from Ireland and helped them unload the goods from the trucks. Then we said Good Bye and left” says Vlad Bordeanu, Store Concept Manager.

„The experience I had in Ireland was, by far, the most pleasant and interesting experience I had since I started working in JYSK. The team spirit and good communication made it possible for us to finish the project faster than we expected. We also met the colleagues from Ireland, we talked to them and they were happy that they work for JYSK”, sayd Valentin Cobuz, E-Team leader. .


The two colleagues had the chance to also discover a part of the charm Ireland has. During the two weeks they spent there, they were impressed by the places and people they met.

Vlad was impressed by the rural areas, that made him think of the James Bond movies.

“I discovered the Ireland I saw in old movies. I saw the rural part of the country, visited a dam, walked on rural streets, saw their houses and farms. The land is clean, everything is arranged in lines, and this was impressive. It was like in the James Bond movies. And people respected each other. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast that was actually a family home. We had a living room and kitchen on the ground floor, the landlords had a bedroom and we had four rooms on the first floor. We stayed in their home. We had the keys to the front door and it was very nice”, remembers Vlad.

Vlad si Valentin in Irlanda
The Bed and Breakfast they stayed in

Valentin loved how cheerful people were.

„We visited the city we stayed in and also Dublin. I liked the fact that we got along very well, even though it was the first time we met. It was like we have been working together for ten years. I hope we will see each other in the future for other projects. I was impressed by the people in Ireland, they were cheerful and loved to talk to us. They were all ready to help us”

Vlad si Valentin in Irlanda
The store in Naas while the E-Team was doing their work

At the end of the two weeks, when the store team from Naas started to bring the products instore, the E-Team job was done. Vlad and Valentin went back home to Romania, but on the opening day they followed the video from the opening, to see the event they worked for.    

Ireland seen by Vlad and Vladimir

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