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JYSK opens in Cyprus

Ημερομηνία: 06/04/2019

Του/Της: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Κατηγορία: Expansion

Saturday 6 April was the official opening of the first JYSK store in Cyprus.

Frederik Kåre Kroun, Franchise Director in JYSK. 

Yet another country was added to the JYSK world map, when the first store in Cyprus opened in Nicosia Mall on Saturday 6 April.

“Cyprus is a very interesting market, and we have huge expectations for our opening. Since the first JYSK store opened in Denmark almost exactly 40 years ago, JYSK has become a global success with more than 2,700 stores in more than 50 countries. I am sure that we have a lot to offer to people in Cyprus as well," says JYSK Franchise Director, Frederik Kåre Kroun.

The first store in Cyprus is part of JYSK´s launch of a new store concept, which means that the store in Nicosia will be among the most modern JYSK stores in the world.

And with a sales area of 1,100 square metres, it is possible to find items for every room of your home.

Big expectations

As part of the JYSK franchise concept, the store in Nicosia Mall will not be run directly from the JYSK head office in Denmark, but by the local franchise partner Bonnici Group, who are currently operating JYSK franchise in Malta.

CEO of Bonnici Group, Gilbert Bonnici, also has big expectations for operating JYSK in Cyprus as well.

”Having gained JYSK’s trust to expand the franchise to Cyprus is yet another important and prestigious accolade on our Group’s history. Cyprus is a resilient nation with a long list of parallels with Malta and the Maltese people. Our expectations are high thanks to our local partners and the forward-looking attitude of the Cypriot people,” says Gilbert Bonnici.

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