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Oskar digitises golden moments from VHS tapes

Date: 20/08/2018

Author: Christoffer Skjødt, Communications Intern

Category: History , Technology

For the new JYSK Museum in Denmark, around 100 old VHS tapes have to be digitised. That is part of Oskar Fisker Nielsen’s job.

Oskar Fisker Nielsen
Oskar Fisker Nielsen is digitising old VHS tapes.

Behind a wall of old VHS tapes, Oskar Fisker Nielsen, Video Producer in Marketing, is sitting, and he is digging for gold. You can just see his golden locks between the VHS tapes.

Oskar is working on a huge project where he has to digitise about 100 VHS tapes that are all about different episodes with Lars Larsen and JYSK. On the tapes are old commercials, awards events, and participations on television. 

Oskar Fisker Nielsen
Oskar Fisker Nielsen is Video Producer in JYSK Marketing.

It has been a real time-travel experience for the Video Producer. Through his hunt for golden moments, he has been fascinated and entertained by the old tapes – even though he had to dust off the tapes before he could start.

“It was exciting to go through all the old tapes, which we found in a very dusty cardboard box in the old JYSK Museum together with other archive material. Fortunately, my brother is the one with dust allergy. Otherwise it would have been a big challenge for me to get through the tapes,” says Oskar and laughs. 

More visual and digital

The digitised VHS tapes will be a part of the new JYSK Museum, which is currently under construction at JYSK’s Head Office in Denmark.

Oskar has to make small films out of the videos. Together with other material, they should illustrate Lars Larsen's journey with JYSK and other business ventures. Oskar is a part of a team responsible for the JYSK Museum, and his area of responsibility is the visual part. 

“The new museum has to be more visual and digital, and that is why the whole team went to Moesgaard Museum to get inspired. They are good at incorporating sound and video in their exhibitions. If we can use just a small part of their digital ideas, then the new JYSK Museum will be really great," he says.

An entertaining time travel

Oskar has been taken back in time through the digitisation process where he also got a new perspective on Lars Larsen and JYSK.

“It has been very exciting to be a part of Lars Larsen’s journey with JYSK. You get an insight into how Lars Larsen has carried the company with his personality in the different participations on television. He is so strong in front of a camera, and if he had not been that way, I do not think that JYSK would be the same today," says Oskar before telling how much the film production has changed since the first commercial was made. 

"It was exciting to go through all the old tapes, which we found in a very dusty cardboard box."
Oskar Fisker Nielsen

“It is really funny to see how at the time they could create commercials out of nothing. Even though the film production has changed over time, it is still funny to notice how much of the essence at the time still holds the identity of JYSK today. That is why I feel the tapes tell an important story that is good for everyone to know about," says Oskar.

The new JYSK Museum is expected to be finished during the autumn of 2018, after which employees and partners can come to visit.

Below you can see some old clips from the VHS tapes:

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