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New JYSK stores June 2021

Date: 01/06/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Every month many new JYSK stores open the doors to customers around the world. Here you can get an overview of where and when JYSK stores will open this month.

New stores

Expansion has been a main part of the DNA in JYSK ever since JYSK founder Lars Larsen opened the first store in Denmark in the city of Aarhus in 1979.

Since then the number of stores has grown from one to more than 3,000 in 51 countries around the world providing customers with a great Scandinavian offer within sleeping and living.

Here you can get an overview of where JYSK will open new stores this month.

New JYSK stores – June 2021

Farébersviller, 2 June

Aveiro, 3 June

Otrada Krasnogorsk, 3 June

Far, Constanta, 3 June

Zumpano, 4 June
Alcamo, 18 June

United Kingdom
Bury, 10 June

Orasje, 10 June

Targovishte, 17 June

Tournai, 23 June

Rzgów, 23 June

Puerto Venecia Zaragoza, 24 June
Córdoba, 30 June

Good Life Kiev, 24 June

Assen, 25 June


Latest news

JYSK reaches 100 stores in Romania

JYSK reaches 100 stores in Romania

11/06/2021 - JYSK reached an important milestone in Romania and opened store number 100 in Constanța, a port city on the Black Sea. But this was just half of the journey to reach 200 stores. The next half starts now.

Dare to Care

“Dare to Care”

10/06/2021 - From 14-25 June, JYSK will carry out an internal campaign called “Dare to Care” to ensure extra focus on work environment.


JYSK’s handymen will have their hands full

03/06/2021 - More than 2,000 store activities are planned in the coming years, and the E-Team is involved in every activity. Therefore, the E-Teams are growing in several countries.

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