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More sustainable packaging on the way in JYSK

Date: 17/08/2020

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: Compliance and Quality , CSR , Product Assortment

Less colour printing and less plastic will help in making the packaging of JYSK's products more sustainable.

New packaging

Have you noticed the new packaging design on some of our products?

These weeks, a number of new products are arriving in JYSK stores, and they are wrapped in more sustainable packaging. In a year's time, the expectation is that all product categories be available in the new packaging design.

Lars Høgh Jensen
Lars Høgh Jensen is Packaging Development Specialist at JYSK.

So says Lars Høgh Jensen, who is Packaging Development Specialist at JYSK and has taken the lead on the optimised packaging.

“Both on the outside and the inside, we are constantly working to make our packaging more sustainable. The solid cardboard with simple product line drawings is replacing the coloured boxes with photos, and inside we constantly try to minimise the amount of plastic and flamingo. This gives both a simpler expression in the stores and a more sustainable packaging,” says Lars.

Design and quality

In addition to the visual improvement, the quality of the packaging has also been important.

“The most important thing is, of course, that the item makes it home to the customer in undamaged condition. The packaging must secure the product from production to the distribution centre and store in order to finally reach the customer's home. Rather use a little more packaging than waste resources on producing a product that is broken and must be thrown away,” says Lars.

At the same time, the packaging should look nice, both if the customer has to pick it up in the store and when the customer orders an item online for home delivery.

“In the stores, we get more and more items on display, so that customers can both see and touch the item. That is why it is no longer so important to have large colour photos on the packaging. A simple line drawing is usually enough,” says Lars.

Here the new packaging is on the way

  • The first textiles and furniture with new packaging designs will land in all JYSK stores in the coming weeks.
  • The first complete product category with the new design will be the Christmas articles, which will land in stores in the autumn.

One year in the making

Although the new packaging design looks simple, the process has been far from easy. In fact, it has taken most of a year.

“Replacing packaging is not something we can do from one day to the next. It takes time and requires the help of many people. That is why I have also been incredibly happy with the collaboration between Purchasing, Marketing and our many suppliers. It is great to see the first results of this now,” says Lars.

When another year has passed, Lars expects the majority of JYSK's packaging to be changed to the new, more sustainable design. But, according to Lars, the work of constantly optimising the packaging never stops.

Click below For more examples of the new packaging:

Click on the gallery above to see more examples of the new packaging.

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Sam Harrington Fantastic work, Lars! This is an important step forward for sustainable packaging at JYSK. I think it also looks great; very clean, modern and sophisticated.

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