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Svante, Marianna and Magda behind the scenes

Magda, Marianna, and Svante are new JYSK stars

Date: 16/11/2022

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Intern

Category: Careers & HR , People

In a new employer branding campaign, three employees play leading roles. The videos showcase the lives of JYSK employees with everything from work and interests to friends and families.

Magda Groza, Marianna Zequeda, and Svante Krook are JYSK employees who star in a new employer branding campaign called “Proud to be JYSK”. The three employees invite the viewers, in one video each, to have a sneak peek into their lives inside and outside JYSK.

Meet Magda Groza, Romania

Magda is Store Manager Trainee, mother of two girls, very organised and dedicated to both her family and her work. She loves taking on responsibilities.

Magda Groza from Romania was happy to participate in the video with her husband and children.

This was a unique experience. The film crew were really good in working with children. It felt like they were our friends. Now my girls ask every day when the people from Denmark will come and film us again. They told everyone and now the whole town knows. I hope my story can motivate other JYSK colleagues and make them even more dedicated in their job,” Magda says.

The JYSK lifestyle

Meet Marianna Zequeda, Spain

Marianna is Sales Assistant. She comes from Columbia but is living in Spain and working for JYSK outside of Malaga. She likes hanging out with her friends and going out for dinner. She is very energetic and sales oriented.

Marianna Zequeda from Spain immediately knew that she wanted to introduce the world to her life behind the blue JYSK T-shirt when she saw the announcement.

“It was really rewarding and fun to do the recording. I love the cameras and to show the world my happiness in my work. I hope that this campaign gives people a glimpse into our JYSK lifestyle and that they see how JYSK has a great work environment. I really want to let people know how proud I am to be part of JYSK,” Marianna says. 

“Bring Dedication, Meet Possibilities”

Meet Svante Krook, Sweden

Svante is Deputy Store Manager and just got into the Store Manager Trainee programme. He likes skateboarding, exercise and hanging out with his friends. Also, he likes to inspire others, and his next clear goal is to become Store Manager one day.

Svante Krook from Sweden wanted to participate in order to share with other people the great opportunities for personal development in JYSK.

"When you go to work in JYSK, you always know that there is a next career step if you want it and are willing to work for it. That is the JYSK saying "Bring Dedication, Meet Possibilities”. I am happy that I get to motivate more people to take the opportunity and realise what they want,” says Svante.

The campaign is an internal branding campaign in JYSK that also has been promoted globally from 2-16 November. It will be relaunched once more in the spring of 2023.

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