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JYSK will open in Turkey

Date: 29/06/2021

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Expansion

When JYSK opened in Ireland in April 2019, long lines of customers were welcoming JYSK.

In April 2023, JYSK will welcome customers to our first stores in Turkey. Preparations begin now.

After three years without new country openings, JYSK is once again ready to welcome customers in a new JYSK country, when we say hello to Turkey in April 2023.

“We have said on several occasions that there are no “easy” countries left to open in, so achieving success in Turkey will require a lot of hard work from all JYSK employees. That said, it is also important to say that Turkey is a country with 82 million people, and a country with great possibilities for JYSK if we find the right solutions,” says CEO & President in JYSK, Jan Bøgh.

Expansion Director, Mikael Albæk Kristensen, has been in charge of the project group investigation which country to enter next.

In the autumn, JYSK will begin preparations towards the opening, and just like Jan Bøgh, Mikael sees a lot of great possibilities in the Turkish market.

“We see a high demand for our products and Scandinavian designs, and we are sure that they will appeal to the Turkish customers. Especially to the younger population and in the western part of Turkey, which is where we will open our first stores in Turkey. Not only because that part of Turkey has a lot of possibilities, but also because it is close to our distribution center in Bozhurishte, Bulgaria,” says Mikael.


Expansion Director Mikael Albæk Kristensen.

He is of course aware of the political instability and that the Turkish economy has been challenged in recent years.

But according to Mikael that is not just a risk but also an opportunity.

“Of course it is a risk, and in some ways it is comparable to our expansion into Greece. Many experts told us that it was crazy to enter during a financial crisis, but it turned out to be a success from day one. Maybe it will take more time before we start to see that it will pay off, but with the JYSK assortment and customer experience I have no doubt that we will have success,” says Mikael.

As always when opening new countries, JYSK will need great experienced colleagues to help prepare the opening in Turkey.

So JYSK employees ready for an adventure in the spring of 2023 can put an X in the calendar.

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