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The JYSK team attends running competition to help children

Date: 03/09/2020

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications Manager, JYSK Romania

Category: CSR

23 colleagues attended the Uniqa Virtual Run competition as a part of JYSK team in order to raise money for Hope and Homes for Children Romania.

Daniela și Iulian
Daniela Lazur and Iulian Caian ran in Făgăraș.

Under the slogan “We run separately, but together, to help children stay with their families”, the JYSK team raised money so that Paul and Traian (2 years old and 4 years old) could stay with their mother instead of being send to an orphanage.


The competition took place virtually. Each participant ran the 10 km anywhere he or she chose to. Everybody started the race at the same time and had 3 hours to finish the race. Every race was tracked by using a running application.   

On a Saturday morning at the end of August, colleagues from six Romanian cities and also from Aarhus, Denmark, started the race, alone or together with their families.

Daniela Lazur, Sales Assistant at JYSK Făgăraș ran the 10 km race together with one of her colleagues, Iulian Caian: “I also have children and I am trying to support as much as possible this type of initiatives. We ran on the Municipal Stadium from Făgăraș”, says Daniela.

On another stadium, but in another city, in Sfântu Gheorghe, ran Georgeta Condrea, Store Manager JYSK Sfântu Gheorghe. “Each month I donate 2 euros, which is not much for those in need. When I saw I have the chance to help by doing something more, I immediately said yes, because I also like to run. It is not the first time when I attend a competition like this as part of the JYSK team, and every time I do I feel proud to work with this type of people”, says Georgeta.

Elena si Mihaela
Mihaela Ștefan and Elena Odomogea running in Bucharest.


Elena Odomogea, Office Assistant, ran together with other colleagues from the Bucharest Head Office around one of the biggest lakes in Bucharest, Lacul Morii.

“When I saw the post about the virtual running, I wrote to one of my colleagues and told her that we have to attend. I am not an experienced runner, but when you run for a good cause you can’t say no. I felt a positive vibe running with my colleagues. They encouraged me and this gave me enough energy to finish the 10 km race. It was my first out of office experience with them and I am happy it happened for the Hope and Homes virtual run”, says Elena.

Raul Ardelean, Retail Manager, ran the 10 km together with his wife, Anda, who usually supported him from the side during the previous competitions he attended. 

"I am always on the list for this type of events, when Team Hope is involved, because I want to support their initiatives and help those people who face real problems. It was excellent. Usually, two or three other colleagues attend these competitions, (i sometimes ran by myself), but in this case we were 23 in the team and I felt a positive energy. We constantly communicated to each other, event though we were not together. I ran in Bragadiru Park with my wife. She usually does not run, but she knew about Team Hope efforts and she wanted to support them not only by donating, but also by being present in this race", said Raul Ardelean. 

6 months of safety

For those children living in vulnerable families, the pandemic raised the risk of being separated from their families and sent to an orphanage. Their families were already in a difficult situation and now they are pushed into extreme poverty. Many of these children are usually sent into state institutions, because their parents do not have the money to offer the proper care.

Our colleagues managed to raise money from 19 donors. The total amount will be used by Hope and Homes for Children Romania to help the family of Paul and Traian for 6 months. They will be provided with food and essential goods. A complete monthly package of food and sanitary products costs 270 lei (55 Euros). This package can help children stay with their families.

More photos with our colleagues during the virtual run.

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