Hope and Homes for Children

JYSK Romania partners with Hope and Homes for Children

Date: 25/07/2017

Author: Raluca Tămaș, Social Media and Digital Coordinator

Category: CSR

Hope and Homes for Children
Dragos Bucurenci (left), Hope and Homes for Children, and Alex Bratu, JYSK Romania, shake hands on the new partnership.

Furniture and home accessories for a total amount of one million lei will be used to furnish new homes for children.

Luiza and Liana are two Romanian girls who were abandoned by their mother at birth, because she had no money to raise them.

The years have passed since there, and their mother started to have a better life, so she decided to look for her girls.

With the help of Hope and Homes for Children, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Romania, the family has now been reunited and the girls, who grew up in an orphanage, were helped to adapt to their new life and their family.

Three-year partnership

At the end of June, JYSK Romania signed a contract for a three-year period with Hope and Homes for Children and became a strategic partner of the NGO.

Based on this contract, our company will offer furniture and accessories for a total amount of one million lei, which will be used to furnish all the so-called Small Group Homes that the NGO will build in the next three years.

“We are happy that by starting this partnership we are able to improve the lives of the abandoned children that need a quiet, stable and comfortable place to grow up in. Together with Hope and Homes for Children we are now able to transform the homes that these children live in into places that feel like a real home. For a child to develop and to grow into a happy person, they need to grow in a decent, safe and comfortable environment, a place that they can call home,” says Alex Bratu, Country Manager for JYSK in Romania.

Six new homes in 2017

- Until the end of 2017, JYSK Romania will furnish six Small Group Homes where 72 children will move in.

- The total number of children that will benefit from these Small Group Homes in the next 20 years is 350.

New homes for children

17 years ago, 100,000 abandoned children lived in old orphanages, institutions that could not offer them protection and care. Today, the number is considerably lower, only 7,700 children, and Hope and Homes for Children played an important role in reducing this number.

One of the major projects by the NGO is closing old types of orphanages and building Small Group Homes. They are family homes where a maximum of 10-12 children live in an environment close to what every child should have.

The homes are always on an ordinary street, perfectly integrated into the community, so that the children develop friendships with children that are not institutionalized. They go to school together and have a normal life. The homes have a yard, and the children are involved in household activities, just like in a family.

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