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JYSK a plantat 32.000 de copaci in județul Alba

JYSK plants 32,000 trees in Romania

Date: 13/12/2021

Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications Manager, JYSK Romania

Category: CSR

32,000 coniferous seedlings were planted this fall on an area of ​​8 hectares in Alba County, during an afforestation action organised by Planting Good Deeds in Romania and supported by JYSK.

The lands are located in three picturesque communes from Apuseni Mountains: Roșia Montană, Sohodol and Bucium. The area was well known for ​​the exploitation of precious metals, an activity practiced here since antiquity by the Romans who conquered these territories. It now lacks economic opportunities, but has a great potential for tourism.


"We increased by over 50% the number of seedlings planted this year, from 20,000  to 32,000 trees. Due to the current situation, we were not able to organise an event with volunteers, as many of our colleagues and clients would have liked, but we plan to do so when the coronavirus situation will allow us to. The area is extremely beautiful, a beauty given especially by the forested mountains,” says Alex Bratu, Country Manager of JYSK Romania and Bulgaria.

For the second year, the pandemic made it impossible to plant with volunteers and their  work was replaced by the work of day laborers.

JYSK plants 32000 trees in Romania
2021 tree planting in numbers.

Simona Camburu, Fundraising Coordinator We plant good deeds in Romania, explains:

“The volunteering component has completely disappeared, both for reasons related to the safety of the participants and for legal constraints. Although we planted more and more seedlings, and we covered more and more hectares from one season to another, we lacked the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers,” says Simona Camburu.

During the 5 years of partnership, Planting Good Deeds in Romania and JYSK planted a total of 114,000 seedlings.


Note: To see the video with English subtitles, click the CC button on the video.

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