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JYSK in my home

JYSK in my home


Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Consultant

Category: People , Product Assortment

Find inspiration in your colleagues’ use of JYSK furniture and products to fit their housing needs.

In cold winters, it is important to feel comfortable in your own home and bring the cosiness in. Here, you get a sneak peek at how some of your colleagues’ have used JYSK furniture and products in their home.

JYSK in my cottage

Anička Doubková, Shift Manager/Assortment Specialist, Czech Republic

“This is what happens when a person works in a home furnishing store. Well, quite simply, the whole cottage is decorated in the spirit of JYSK.







Scandinavian sleeping

Anna Kobos Adamiak, Sales Assistant, Ireland

“OLSKER oak bed frame and spring mattress S45, EIKEN pillows and BRURI duvet equal the best night sleep you can imagine”.





In all rooms

Sara Gessi, Sales Assistant, Italy

“In the living room, I have the HAGE sideboard. In addition to being very roomy, it allowed me to lighten the environment from the "heaviness" of the ancestral painting on the wall. I chose the TRACLIC desk because of the perfect size. The decorations are wireless candles, which are very useful when I do not want to get up from the sofa to turn them off. I also have a desk lamp and an elf that keeps me company while working on the PC.

The bedroom has the bed VEDDE, GOLD F40 mattress, which I chose because of its side with refreshing gel. It is very useful in the torrid Sicilian summers, and is perfect with the LENDFJELL duvet, TRONFJELLET pillows, and the BUTTERFLY duvet cover in very soft sateen.

In my daughter's crib, I have the GREENFIRST quilt and pillow with duvet cover of her favourite cartoon and a decorative pillow as a symbol of her passion for horses. Finally, I have the new royal oak HAGE wardrobe with four doors.


Sara Gessi's home
Sara Gessi's home.

JYSK in small spaces

Slavomira Holmokova, Sales Assistant, Slovakia

“Since we live in a two-room apartment, we have a multipurpose room, as we call it. It must be both a living room and a children’s room. That is why we love our OBLING table, which provides us with a comfortable seating area when more of us are gathered at the table. And, of course, accessories from JYSK are not to be missed”.

Slavomira Holmokova's home
Slavomira Holmokova's home.

A bedroom of JYSK

Silvia Chinaglia, Sales Assistant, Italy

"Two and a half years ago, I started working in JYSK. Since then, I have bought a lot of products for my home, especially for my bedroom. 

In the pictures you can see: mattress, duvets, pillows, duvet covers, and deco cushion. A desk, chair, plant and a bookshelf… all from JYSK! 😉"

Silvia Chinaglia, Italy
Silvia Chinaglia's home.

A JYSK corner

Adamantia Vlachou, Greece

“I have been buying from JYSK since 2020 when I learned about the store on the Isthmus.

Now, I have many company products in my home and one of my favourite corners is the one in the photo”.

Adamantia Vlachou's home
Adamantia Vlachou's home.

It all started with a new sofa

Samanta Riccardi, Sales Assistant, Italy

"Initially, I just wanted to change my sofa when our VEJLBY in sand won me over.

Then, inevitably, I added:
- HORNFIOL cushion
- MYGGBLOM throws
- SANDBY coffee table
- TAGE tray
- ALFRED candles
- ULDUM armchair
- TAKS faux lambskin
- ALBERT lamp and TORE bulb

It is exciting to see how the small details give a new look to my home, and I already know now that it will not end here!"

Samanta Riccardi, Italy
Samanta Riccardi's home.

A JYSK complementary llama

Liam Smith, Deputy Store Manager, United Kingdom

“I have bought a lot from our JYSK store.
AGERBY coffee table on our AKSFRYTLE rug.

Our U-shaped VEJLBY with TAKS rug and LOTUS cushions.

LYNGVIG sideboard with LED strip on the inside, decorated with the MAX plant pot and THORE vase with the ROLAND plant inside.

The doorstop llama also made an appearance ;)

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as my wife and I love our JYSK products!”.

Liam Smith's home
Liam Smith's home.


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