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JYSK memories: Lars Larsen's biography, welcome to Greece, and five store openings in one day


Author: Laura Glintborg Mouritsen, Student Help, Communications

Category: History

A lot has happened at JYSK since the first store opened in Denmark in 1979. has been in the archives to see how the world of JYSK looked like in the past.

JYSK Memories

“JYSK memories” is a recurring throwback on We celebrate our history and progress and take a look at what happened through the years.

19 years ago

Lars Larsen

On the occasion of JYSK's 25th anniversary in 2004, Lars Larsen distributed his biography ‘Go’daw – Mit navn er Lars Larsen – Jeg har et godt tilbud’ (Hello - My name is Lars Larsen - I have a good offer) to all Danish households in 2.4 million copies. It contains the story of JYSK and Lars Larsen's life and journey.

15 years ago

The Queen visits DCU

The Queen visits DCU

On a spring day in May 2008, Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visited JYSK’s new distribution centre in Uldum, Denmark, as part of the inauguration. Today, the distribution centre has four big high bay warehouses and sends more than 1.3 million pallets each year.

8 years ago

Welcome to Greece

On 24 September 2015, JYSK opened the doors to its first store in Athens in Greece which became JYSK country number 38. The opening was broadcasted live by a local radio station and a number of bicycles with JYSK banners and flyers adorned the city.

5 years ago 

JYSK in Sweden
JYSK in Västberga in Sweden.
JYSK in Slovakia
JYSK in Malacky in Slovakia.

On Thursday 31 May 2018, JYSK opened five stores in five different countries, respectively in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, and Ukraine. JYSK is used to open a lot of stores each year, however this day was particularly special as it is rare that JYSK opens so many stores in only one day.

Latest news


A T-shirt changed the culture

- At JYSK’s distribution centre in Kammlach, Germany, a fun exercise has changed the culture and their way of working.


JYSK introduces cotton alternative in bed sheets

- JYSK now offers bed sheets with lyocell, which is an alternative to cotton offering several advantages for textile production in JYSK products. 

Rami Jensen

Update from our CEO: Ready for the next financial year

- Summer is right around the corner and as always, it is a busy time for JYSK and yet we look ahead at our next financial year.

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