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JYSK memories: First employee magazine, first webshop and human advertisements

Date: 24/02/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: History

A lot has happened in JYSK since the first store opened in Denmark in 1979. has been in the archives to see how the world of JYSK looked like in the past.

19 years ago


JYSK memories

  • “JYSK memories” is a quarterly throwback on We celebrate our history and progress and take a look at what happened through the years.










In the first ever GOJYSK magazine in July 2002, our founder Lars Larsen was on the front page with a greeting for all employees. The edition was the first of 59 printed magazines that was published every quarter with the last one in December 2016. Afterwards, the GOJYSK magazine went digital at


10 years ago




In 2011, the number of new store openings really took off with 34 new store openings in just three months. In comparison, the number in 2005 was 42 for the entire year.





In the autumn of 2010, the first JYSK webshop was launched in Denmark at The webshop was a great success with the same weekly sales figures as an average Danish JYSK store, according to the GOJYSK magazine from March 2011.


5 years ago







In the last months of 2015, JYSK country number 40 and 41 became reality with Vietnam and Albania. In Vietnam, JYSK Franchise used human advertising columns to make the bike-loving people of Vietnam aware that a new brand had arrived.









In autumn 2015, a new store concept was tested in Horsens, Denmark. This was the first draft of what has since become our new Store Concept 3.0 that is currently being rolled out in all JYSK countries.

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