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JYSK chooses responsible forestry


Author: Laura Glintborg Mouritsen, Student Help, Communications


In keeping with tradition, JYSK is participating in the celebration of forests during FSC® Week 2024. The campaign focuses on the big and smaller choices we all make in our daily lives with the theme “You are what you choose”.

JYSK celebrates FSC Week 2024

In week 12, JYSK is once again joining the celebration of FSC Week, where we, along with FSC, NGOs, and organisations, celebrate the world’s forests and promote responsible management of the forests. With the message “You are what you choose”, FSC week 2024 emphasises the importance of the big and small choices we all make in our daily lives and what we pay attention to.

The campaign is about drawing attention to the impact we leave on the planet when using wood and paper in products. By choosing FSC-certified wood, we make decisions with respect and care for forests, animal life, and people. 

“The forest holds a special meaning for many people, and it does for me as well. Here, I find peace and time for contemplation on the busy days. Many people around the world live in and off nature, and it plays a crucial role for humans, animals, climate, and the environment. Therefore, we must continue to take good care of it. This message from FSC is one that we in JYSK want to support, and we look forward to participating in FSC Week again this year,” says Communications Director, Åse Andersson.

WHat is FSC®? 

The Forest Stewardship Council® represents the world’s most trusted forest certification system.

Forestry has a significant influence on our climate, people, communities, animal life, nature, and future generations. FSC certification is your assurance that wood and paper come from well-managed forests and responsible sources.

FSC works both for nature and people’s living conditions in the world’s forest areas.


We choose responsible forestryFSC logo

It is both JYSK in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden that focuses on FSC Week in the internal communication, as well as campaign papers, newsletters, on social media, and JYSK’s blog.

At JYSK, we have focused on responsible forestry since the 1990’s. 

Today, all our wooden garden furniture is FSC-certified (FSC® N001715), and we have a goal that by the end of 2024, all our products and packaging of wood, paper, and cardboard will be FSC-certified – because we choose that the wood in our products supports responsible forestry.


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